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Sep 21, 2007 06:06 AM

HELP! I am new to this site (and this part of the cyberworld)

Please help me. I read some of the postings here and I would like to be part of the community. I would like to be notified when anybody posts about restaurants in Michigan? How do I set that up? I would like to be able to find out when other people ask or post about some of my favorite dishes (like Rice Pudding or Fried Bananas, etc.). Are there ways to set this up so that I am notified when people post using a certain set of words?

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  1. Hi Ken, and Welcome! I've been here for only a few months and so far I can find no way to be individually notified when a particular post appeasr on the boards. However, each post that you make can be accessed by clicking on the My Chow button on the upper right of your screen, and you can then see what others have said in a thread which interested you. Just click on My Posts on the upper left.

    1. This site doesn't offer that kind of notification. If you use an RSS reader, you could subscribe to the boards you're interested in--Midwest for the Michigan content, Home Cooking for favourite recipes--and then use your RSS reader's filter functionality to filter those feeds for the words you're interested in.

      You can also set up searches that look at just the boards you want to view and just the keywords you're interest in, then bookmark the results page for your search. It wouldn't be automatic, but all you'd need to do is check your search bookmarks periodically, rather than browsing through the boards.

      -- Jacquilynne, Community Manager for Chowhound

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      1. re: Jacquilynne

        You can add email alerts in the settings section of myChow and that will often alert you when a comment is made to one of your favorite recipes.

        Here's a sample RSS feed for 'Rice Pudding'

        1. re: 5 and Dime Eater

          Email alerts do not work for letting people know when a Chowhound discussion thread is updated. It's nice that it'll tell you when CHOW comments are updated, but since I'd guess that the majority of discussion is happening on the Chowhound boards, not the CHOW comments, it sure would be nice if that could be remedied.