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Sep 21, 2007 04:37 AM

Freezing Confit

I love making duck confit, and am planning to make about 5 lbs. of pork confit this week. Because we won't be able to use it all (although it is awfully tempting), I'm thinking of freezing the rest. Obviously confit is a method of preservation, but we have little kiddies who love the stuff so I'd rather not take any chances. Also, I'd be great to have some lurking in the freezer for a quick dinner. The plan is to make the confit, let it ripen in the fridge for about a week, take out what I need to use, and then freeze the rest (not in the fat, which I'll reuse to make more confit). Anybody try this? I suspect that the tast will be altered by freezing, but hopefully not too much.

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