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Sep 21, 2007 03:34 AM

Pie!!! looking for some pie in dallas.

Been in dallas for 6 years now, folks came down to visit and I thought to myself, "self, lets take the folks out for some pie". It's something we always do when we travel, try some nice pies.

wow, was I in for a disapointment. We ended up having cheesecake.

I found out in dallas, when looking for pie the first thing you have to add some qualifiers.

Not looking for:

1) pizza
2) pecan (pecan is fine but a variety of berry & fruit pies in addition to pecan)
3) merringue (see pecan statement)

Am looking for:

Variety of handmade berry/fruit pies.

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  1. Fon Win, you are right, we don't have much in the way of pies in dallas. oh for a House of Pies, like they have in Houston. but some of the home-cooking places do decent pie:

    Norma's is my fave, especially the branch in oak cliff

    Original Market Diner, also good

    Mama's Daughters Diners, also very good

    and Mecca ain't too bad:

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      Mama's Daughters have wonderful pies! Get there before the lunch crowd if you want the peanutbutter or cocnut ones!

    2. Breadwinner's
      Whole Foods Bakery

      1. Highland Park Cafeteria (formerly the Casa Linda Cafeteria)....besides the individual slices you select as you pass thru the line , they have a system where they offer slices to go or whole pies to go....and they are delicious .

        1. Great Harvest Bakery in Snider Plaza makes insane homemade apple pies - I think every Friday. You have to call ahead and reserve one because they sell out really quickly.

          1. I love Obzeet's pie, but their service leaves something to be desired.


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              Obzeet. Yum. Here is Red Velvet cake from Obzeet...

              19020 Preston Rd, Dallas, TX 75252