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Pie!!! looking for some pie in dallas.

Fon_Win Sep 21, 2007 03:34 AM

Been in dallas for 6 years now, folks came down to visit and I thought to myself, "self, lets take the folks out for some pie". It's something we always do when we travel, try some nice pies.

wow, was I in for a disapointment. We ended up having cheesecake.

I found out in dallas, when looking for pie the first thing you have to add some qualifiers.

Not looking for:

1) pizza
2) pecan (pecan is fine but a variety of berry & fruit pies in addition to pecan)
3) merringue (see pecan statement)

Am looking for:

Variety of handmade berry/fruit pies.

  1. nikilovestoeat Sep 18, 2010 08:01 AM

    I love Obzeet's pie, but their service leaves something to be desired.


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    1. re: nikilovestoeat
      DallasDude Sep 18, 2010 05:29 PM

      Obzeet. Yum. Here is Red Velvet cake from Obzeet...

      19020 Preston Rd, Dallas, TX 75252

    2. s
      skedhead2000 Sep 21, 2007 01:09 PM

      Great Harvest Bakery in Snider Plaza makes insane homemade apple pies - I think every Friday. You have to call ahead and reserve one because they sell out really quickly.

      1. p
        pinotho Sep 21, 2007 11:50 AM

        Highland Park Cafeteria (formerly the Casa Linda Cafeteria)....besides the individual slices you select as you pass thru the line , they have a system where they offer slices to go or whole pies to go....and they are delicious .

        1. d
          dvp05 Sep 21, 2007 07:18 AM

          Whole Foods Bakery

          1. teegee Sep 21, 2007 06:59 AM

            Fon Win, you are right, we don't have much in the way of pies in dallas. oh for a House of Pies, like they have in Houston. but some of the home-cooking places do decent pie:

            Norma's is my fave, especially the branch in oak cliff

            Original Market Diner, also good

            Mama's Daughters Diners, also very good

            and Mecca ain't too bad:

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            1. re: teegee
              ChristieP Sep 22, 2007 07:59 AM

              Mama's Daughters have wonderful pies! Get there before the lunch crowd if you want the peanutbutter or cocnut ones!

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