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Sep 20, 2007 11:12 PM

Anywhere for single malt in Vegas?

I've been 3 times and never found a bar with any single malts. I admit to not trying a lot of bars and lounges but I was surprised given the high end cognacs and wines available.

I'm not talking of liquor stores as I can get bottles at home but a place with a selection to be sampled by the glass.

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  1. A lot of the high end steakhouses in Vegas have great scotch selections. Off the top of my head I would check out Prime, Delmonico, Craftsteak, and Del Frisco's.

    IMO, the place in Vegas with the best scotch selection is the Freakin' Frog on Maryland Pkwy, across from UNLV. As the name implies there are more true whiskey selections than scotch selections but you will find some rarities there. HOWEVER - it does require a membership to visit. The "whiskey attic" , as it is called, is a member-only thing. It's $200 a year for "dues" plus the price of the whiskey/scotch you choose to drink. The attic is open Tuesday - Saturday from 8:00 pm until close ( which is between 2:00 - 4:00 depending on business ). Not really worth it if you are only a once-per-year vistor to Vegas, but thought I'd throw it in. If you choose the membership route, you can bring as many "guests" as you'd like which might work out if you are bringing others along ( split up the "dues" between the guys ). This might be worth it for the huge ( and I do mean HUGE ) selection of whiskey/scotch.

    The website seems to have a glitch with the "whiskey attic" link. Don't know if it's temporary.

    You might also try McCormick & Schmick's on Flamingo & Paradise. It's a chain but from what I understand they have a large selection of single malts. I can't confirm this as 1.) I'm not a scotch guy and 2.) I can only think of one time that I've been there so don't take this as gospel truth.

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      Yes, I do recall getting Talisker at Morton's. Thanks for the suggestions.

    2. Delmonico and Craftsteak have the largest availability. Craftsteak really prides themselves on their list.