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Sep 20, 2007 10:22 PM

poppy seed hamentaschen - chapel hill/durham

where can i get this?

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  1. You could check out Sabra -- I've never been, and I don't know if they even stock baked goods (other than packaged imported stuff), but I bet someone there would have good advice:

    Otherwise, maybe Guglhupf?

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    1. re: rossgrady

      Sabra only carries a few locally produced baked goods but not hamantaschen. They might have some of the filling ingredients but if you're making your own Harris Teeter, etc. has everything you need.

    2. Whole Foods carries these in prepackaged containers. On-again/off-again (mostly around the holidays). They aren't very good, but it's a source in a pinch.

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      1. re: klmonline

        They didn't have poppy seed though.

      2. I feel pretty sure I've seen hamentaschen in the baked sweets case at Southern Season but can't say if there was poppy seed. It'd probably be worth calling and asking.

        Also, if you do track them down, please share your source. I do love good hamentaschen.

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        1. re: brokegradstudent

          Ditto! I love them. Made my own honey cake, Thanks for the tip about Harris Teeter, you know I just may try to make Hamentaschen for the next holiday..

        2. It's tough to find commercially available hamentaschen that are any good. However they should be more widely available in the middle of March, for the holiday of Purim (the Jewish carnival).

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          1. re: durhamois

            I think I remember seeing hamentaschen at NY Bagel and Deli in North Raleigh (Strickland and Falls of Neuse). Not sure they carry them all year round, though. Decent chocolate babka for the Jewish Holidays.

            And now that they have expanded, they carry NYC-style butter cookies -- a special weakness of mine. Not the best, but ain't shabby.