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Sep 20, 2007 09:45 PM

Rio Rio Churrascaria in Valencia?

hi everyone! just can't seem to find anything about this brazilian bbq place on these boards and reviews on other sites have been mixed (mostly on the negative side). has anyone been to this place recently? what are your thoughts? thanks in advance for the insight!!!

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  1. I too am interested in info on this place. Also the rio grill in Encino, are they affiliated?

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      And how to they compare to Picanha?

    2. I read reviews of this place on Yelp, and most of them did not have anything good to say.

      1. We tried it for lunch. Place was almost empty. Staff is pleasant enough, but as to the food, the "buffet" is basically a low end salad bar. Not too enticing really. The meat is good and the sides are brought to your table. The day we went they had "run out" of chicken stroganoff. The prices are high for what you get. Place is cheapened by huge signs on the building that advertise "ALL YOU CAN EAT MEAT $22." I much prefer Gauchos Village in Glendale. Great buffet, great food, service and atomsphere.

        1. We went there right after they finished converting it from Hof's Hut, we were driving south through Valencia and were starving. The meats were very good. At the time we went the salad buffet was meh. But of course that is not why you go to these places.. all you can meat, duh. It was nearly empty when we went (but it was Sunday at 5pm) but started to get busier. So everything we got was very freshly cooked. Not bad for a different experience in chain-land Valencia.

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            Hof's Hut? It was a Hamburger Hamlet for years. I guess you have never been to Gauchos Village in Glendale. You go there for both the buffet and the meat. I would much rather get my own rice and black beans, salad(s) and plantains then have to wait and hail down a server to bring me a tiny plate of such. Worth noting, just drove by and the nasty sign was gone. Perhaps they are monitoring this forum??? Hmmm. In any case, spoken to several people who, like me, have dined there and all the reviews are pretty much the same. "eh." If all you are going for is unlimited meat, well this is your place. Some of us prefer a little more than an endless amount of mediocre food. I go to Vegas for that.

          2. I think it is a wonderful place! The have great food, beautiful ambience, and the best entertainment. It is not true, they don't have a buffet. They used to have a salad bar but since they introduced their new menu there is no more salad bar. The all you can eat banner looked cheap but made sense to have during extremely low summer season. I spoke to many restaurant owners. They were all suffering. Gauchos Village is a good restaurant too. Nobody argues. But it is so far and they don't have such entertainment and a live dj on Friday & Saturday nights. Unfortunately, people in our village are used to famous chain restaurants. Please guys, change a little bit your mindsets. I think this restaurant is not for everyone. People don't appreciate good things. Check out yourself travelerz. Go there on Fridays and Saturdays. Lot's of fun guaranteed.

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              Very, very interesting review!
              I do appreciate good things, especially in SCV were is not easy to find them, that's the main reason I never went back or recommend this place to anyone.