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Sep 20, 2007 09:34 PM

Suggestions on Dining in Mount Dora/Eustis Florida

Getting ready to visit some friends in Mount Dora and Eustis Florida and am interested in placed to eat and listen to some good entertainment. Suggestions appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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  1. From your recent post it looks as though you know the answer. If I go to the Mountain for dinner it will be at the best place to eat! Let us qualify what "best place" means.
    Best place usually falls under one of 3 catagories.
    1. A quality meal at a decent price (most seniors pick this one)
    2. The most unique
    3. Best food and atmosphere whatever the price(1st dates, aniversarys etc)
    I will list where you should go accordingly

    If you are looking for number 1, try Jeremiahs/Mcgregors on 5th and highland. They have a bennigans style menu. If you want something a little more chic, try the retro (I know mountdorian will appreciate the plug! Don't order the flat bread!! Go for the jumbolaya or the burgers.
    If you are a #2 type,, the lakeside inn offers a great old southern lake setting and view. Imagine eating in an old stle southern home. BEWARE The lakeside inn has had several bad reviews concerning their food and service. I cannot give you one since i have never eaten there. I have had desert there and it was good! Number 2's would also enjoy the frosty mug. They have Icelandic scandanavian fare with steaks thrown in. Pickled hering, gravslocks, brautwurst and steaks are the focus here. Bring a fat wallet!!

    There is only one place in mount dora worthy of number three. The Goblin market stands high above the others. It is the only place Scott Joseph(orlando sentinal critic) will travel to eat at in Mount Dora.

    Other noteable mentions for dinner are the Palm Tree Grill and The Gables.
    Choose the The gables for quality and the Palm Tree for price.

    Service seems to suffer in most mout dora places due to the tourist factor. I notice that waiters and cooks change too often. Service and food quality suffer as a result. Anymore, I usually ask who's cookin. Then i know if my meal will be good or not!

    As far as entertainment goes mount dora is a sad place! Not the performers,,the venues! If you want real entertainment venues,,,go to Eustis!