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Sep 20, 2007 08:47 PM

looking fresh lobster with cooking from market


I will be visiting boston in 1 week. I was wondering anyone in the area can recommend some type of seafood market that has fresh lobster and would actually cook the lobster for us to eat and has a seating area to eat?

i was thinking of yankee lobster fish market?


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  1. most places that sell lobster will also steam or boil it for you. i'm confused why you want to eat at what is basically a retail location. i'm also not certain they have seating.

    1. Yankee Lobster is a fish market and a restaurant. Lobster is on their restaurant menu so I suspect they would not be too happy if you order cooked lobster from the market and then occupy a restaurant table. You should call ahead and ask. The market and restaurant are in the same room.

      1. Why don't you go to THE BARKING CRAB on the Boston Fish Pier!! they will steam you up lobsters and you can sit at the window on the water!! Not fancy but great lobster and view ! enjoy a nice cold beer or a glass of wine!!

        frankie imbergamo

        1. Couple of options in Cambridge. Alive and Kicking has a picnic table outside. Courthouse seafood has a market and restaurant, they will cook anything in the market for $1 more per-lb -- you pick the lobster you want. They also sometimes have clambake specials in the restaurant. Price per-lb is around $9-10 for 1 1/2lb, but varies with size of lobster. Hours are somewhat limited compared to a restaurant. A number of supermarkets will cook for free, but limited in seating area.