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Sep 20, 2007 08:22 PM

Harbord takes another hit

I passed by 89 Harbord today, what used to be Eduardos, and before Restaurant Makeover got its mitts on it, Latitude. Windows are all boarded up and all signage (other than the 89 Harbord sign in a window) are gone.

Does anyone have news on this?

I wonder what this and Kensington Kitchen will become. I'm really hoping not another wings place, unless they make really good wings. Via Oliveto to St Louis is a travesty (and again, another resto Restaurant Makeover "helped out").

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  1. Why is Restaurant Makeover the kiss of death? I'll bet that menu, and getting the cook to do it, is the answer.

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    1. re: jayt90

      Isn't the reason they had a makeover because they weren't doing well? The RM does not guarantee sucess, just like not all the patients having major surgery are around 2 years later.

      1. re: foodyDudey

        one of their advertising slogans is "last chance to turn it around"

    2. Hip show, easy target. Remember there's another half to the story: the owners who inexplicably couldn't keep it afloat.

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      1. re: SxCx

        I have been tracking the phenom for a bit now and it would seem that 32% of the subjects close or sell-almost all discontinue the menu suggestions. The main problem is that they only really make the restaurant look new (usually martini bar themed-love ms harron). They do some work on the food menu, no work on the beverage menu, they don't teach these people how to run a restaurant, how to market a restaurant, how to train staff in service, how to sell, how to service the guest....they don't teach the basics...

        1. re: robgm

          I think you're confusing the show's posturing with the reality of the situation. Much of the drama and expectations are completely inflated, and the makeover is mostly a cosmetic touch-up. Fundamental errors on how to run a restaurant are frankly outside of the show's scope, and bad business habits usually can't be turned around over the course of a week.

          Let's not overemphasize what's actually being done here.

      2. Seems like "RM" should stand for "Reckless Morticians."

        1. I just want to comment on what happened post-RM at Eduardos, as I have dined there on and off for the past 5 or 6 years while the restaurant was owned by Eduardo. It's my understanding that when he wanted to do RM, he asked for - and received - permission from the building's owner. As he was putting a cash investment in to her building, he signalled his desire to keep the restaurant there for years to come. Post-RM, the revamped Eduardos was doing well (albeit with some chef turnover, though reviews were good) - until the summer when Eduardo received notice from the building owner that she wanted him - and Eduardos out. It seems the building owner's intention is to use the RM to her benefit and open under a new name, with her son - a chef, at the helm. It's a very unfortunate ending.