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Sep 20, 2007 08:04 PM

Breakfast help in Irvine

I moved to Irvine a few months ago and have not found a good breakfast place. I live near the Marketplace and am looking for just a drive-thru breakfast burrito place that is close by. It doesn't have to be the best in the world, just decent. I moved from San Diego and they are on every corner there!

I am also in search of a good sit down breakfast place (omletes, pancakes..normal breakfast stuff) for the weekends. I have been to Plum's and Pacific Whey in Newport, but I would like to find somewhere closer. IHOP is near me, but I am hoping there is something besides that!!!

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  1. I know it's a chain, but have you tried Corner Bakery in the Marketplace?

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      It is a chain but I think their breakfast paninis are fantastic.

    2. Zov's has two locations within about 10 minutes of you. Along the same lines as Plum's.

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        Haven't tried Zov's breakfast yet, but if it's as good as their dinner, OMG, I'd definitely recommend it!

      2. I would totally recommend Side Street Cafe in Costa Mesa on Newport Blvd. It's got everything you've mentioned-- breakfast burritos, heavenly pancakes, the normal breakfast staples, etc. Their breakfast and lunch selection is huge. The vibe there is earthy and very low-key. There's a very young and hip crowd because of it's location, but the food there attracts all people. The wait is never too long here either. Try it on a weekend! I think you'll enjoy.

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          I completely second this recommendation. I really like Side Street. The staff is nice and the food is good. Champagne Bakery has pretty good french toast and offers a lot of pastries to go. They have a tasty creme brulee. It's on Barranca in the plaza with the dollar theater

        2. I live in Irvine, but I make the drive (not a far one actually) to Original Pancake House. There's one in Anaheim and also one in Aliso Viejo.

          Here's some pics of the one in Anaheim:

          1. There's a Mimi's Cafe at the corner of Barranca and Culver.

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              Drove past Mimi's the other day on the way to Zov's. How good is it?