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Sep 20, 2007 07:50 PM

Jahn's on Hillside Avenue in Richmond Hill

Is it any good? Is it worth checking out for nostalgia's sake? There used to be one near where I lived when I was a kid, but that one, like most of them closed years ago.

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  1. Ice cream is good, can't speak to the food. I observed some of the plates being put down at other tables and it appears to be diner like in quality.

    1. 30 years ago they made pretty good potato pancakes. :-) Haven't been there since, though (moved out of state). Thanks for the memory!

      1. There used to be one on Hillside Avenue in New Hyde Park. I sorta vaguely remember it being diner-ish. My sister heard about the one in Richmond Hill and was thinking it might be fun on a Saturday afternoon. (Not tomorrow, though, as it's Yom Kippur and I am so very ready for the best smoked fish there is...).

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          Yeah, it would be fun to go there. It was something of a hang-out when I was in high school (my best friend lived in the neighborhood). The ice cream was always very good, but I often had the potato pancakes instead. Sorry I don't remember what else was on the "real food" menu. Probably worth a visit just for the decor. Found this review on CitySearch that you may find helpful:

          But if you want a "real meal", go next door to Salerno's. It's decor (and some of
          its waiters!) probably hasn't changed in 50 years, but the food is pretty solid old-world Italian. I was back visiting a few years ago and we had a very enjoyable meal there.

        2. As of last October, it's still there and worth every bit of nostalgia. I, too, grew up with Jahn's, and was thrilled to see that there was one left. We had a great day of nostalgia starting at Coney Island -- Nathan's of course -- and ending up at Jahn's for real ice cream sundaes. Didn't have a meal there, but the ice cream didn't disappoint. Just being there made it taste even better.

          Here's the link that I had found.

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          1. re: mallomarmom

            Hey wow. Didn't know the name still existed. Used to go to the Southern Westchester one. Did they offer the Kitchen Sink? Or is that just a stoned recollection? (Or both).

            1. re: JonL

              Unstoned recollection here. The one in New Hyde Park offered it, from what I can recall. Never attempted it though. Now I am torn. Italian food, then dessert, or a total Jahn's experience. I am afraid if I do Italian first, may be too full for dessert, especially since my chowing partner is (don't laugh) my sister the gastric by-pass patient and sometimes she just can't eat all that much. I think we will recruit her teenage son to make sure there are no leftovers.

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                Kitchen sink still exists. Aw, go for it! LOL

                1. re: mallomarmom

                  It will have to wait until after Yom Kippur ends, at least until Sunday or next weekend, but it sounds like a plan. Okay, so sue me, I am chatting when I am supposed to be atoning. What can I say.