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Vinny's Superette- Somerville

Never been..read a few reviews from Boston.com. Looks like a fun place.
Thinking of going there w/ some friends next weekend.
Any recent visits with feedback?

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  1. Hi Vicki99 -

    I'm assuming you mean Vinny's at Night, which is the sit-down 'hidden' restaurant in back of the Superette (which is a great sub shop). You mentioned you only had read the Boston.com reviews, so hope the following links help - I linked a Chowhound dinner I went to. It's not recent (from March) but it's a first-hand report with pics. We had a great time.


    If you search for "Vinny's at Night" on this board, there's more info!

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    1. if your eating in get there early small place
      nice sanwiches to take out as well

      1. Vinny's at Night gets my vote for best Italian-American restaurant in the Boston area, with a firm emphasis on the Italian half of the Italian-American moniker. It's also one of the few places in town that achieves a level of quality to match its awe-inspiring quantity.

        I've always been really pleased with the chicken marsala with homemade mafalde, but I know any number of people who swear by the pork chop with vinegar peppers.

        By no means dirt-cheap, it's certainly reasonably priced, especially considering again the high quality and large quantity.

        In the past few months, I've dined there with my 22-year-old vegetarian brother-in-law, and I've dined there with my 87-year-old grandma, and it was a hit with both. Vinny's is obviously not much of a secret anymore, but it still feels like a "find".

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          My favorite Italian too - best part for me is the self-serve cold antipasti table, which has a great variety of items that you don't typically find offered anywhere else, at least not the sum of its parts. It's a great way to nosh through with the first sips of wine and an incredible value (will allow sharing of one plate).

        2. It is funny because I have heard many good things on this board about Vinny's at Night but growing up and living in Somerville I ate there many times and was underwhelmed. Even the subs from the suprette I found to be just okay but not as good as say Victor's in Ball Square or Bob's in Medford.

          I have actually had a few good meals at his nephew's place Lil' Vinny's and choosing between the two would probably go there.

          Maybe it is just me but I have given it quite a few tries (probably 8-10) over the years and never had anything that blew me away.

          1. I think the charm of Vinny's is its "It is what it is" quality: completely unimpressed with itself or you, serving up heaping plates of Sicilian-American food that's very, very good for pretty short money. The simple setting and no-BS service are a big part of the appeal for me. Excellent special antipasto, huge plates of pasta, decent seafood, lotsa gahlic, cheap-assed wines.

            I don't expect to be blown away, but it's got a great convivial vibe to it, and it's very consistent in its modest way. I think it has lost its hidden-jewel status, gotten enough attention that waits can be a pain, especially on weekends, so I try to go early in the week now. I'm in the camp that thinks Lil Vinny's, while nicer-looking, doesn't quite equal the original for food.

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              Inre Lil Vinny's, perhaps it doesn;t 'quite' equal but it's very, very close. In fact, I prefer Lil Vinny's homemade fusilli, which is killer at both establishments.

              1. re: Bob MacAdoo

                And to be fair, I haven't eaten at Lil Vinny's in at least two years. I'm assuming it stays pretty much exactly the same, but I shouldn't make those comparisons without more recent experiences to base them on.

                1. re: Bob MacAdoo

                  MC - it's pretty much the same as you recalled it. I like Lil Vinny's a lot for the food, but also for the generosity of spirit displayed by propietor Vinny Migliore. Either way (Vinny's at Night or Lil Vinny's), you can't go wrong.

              2. Thank-you all for your feedback.Loved Vinny's at Night.
                We went there on Saturday and had a delicious meal and lots of fun. Lively place.
                I had the beef braciole over the homemade mafalde pasta and my husband
                that the seafood extravaganza over fuselli. Ton of seafood in his entree. We both took a home left overs.Great service..good bread..nice wine list..all reasonably priced. Far better than most restaurants in North End!!.

                1. went a few weeks ago. had the double thick pork chop and homemade fusilli. delicious. anyone had the rabbit?

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                    I've had the rabbit. Delicous! They are still BYO, right?

                    1. re: yumyum

                      BYO bunny?! ;)

                      Not BYO - they have beer and wine - wine list is decent, slanted heavily toward Italian.

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                        thanks. definately try it the next time i go

                        1. re: galangatron

                          As with all rabbit dishes, beware of small bones. But the Vinny's version I had is a hunter-style stew with tomatoes, briny olives and lots of garlic. I hope that's still the recipe they are using, because it was really perfect and you don't see a lot of rabbit on local menus.

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                            hmm. don't think so. the description said rabbit in a red wine sauce. hope it's good too

                    2. It's good but Lil Vinnys in Somerville is better atmosphere and food.