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Sep 20, 2007 06:56 PM

Beckham's Grill in Pasadena?

Has any one been there? I just passed it on Walnut. I am basically looking for a casual place for a quick week night dinner out. Any suggestions?

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    I need to pipe up! I don't think it is popular on this site but I find several menu items particularly satisfying. Deep fried artichoke hearts with the aioli, creamed spinach, creamed corn, Yorkshire pudding. The endive goat cheese salad.

    They tend to be pretty good on the traditional continental rules -- e.g. they won't bring the menu until you're ready, perhaps ordered drinks, had a chat with your dining companions, etc. They would never bring the next course until you've finished with the current. At least in my experience. They never blink when you bring your own wine (for a more than fair $2.50 corkage fee) or if you are using a coupon (we have gotten 20% off coupons from their other restaurants* for Beckham Grill a few times).

    My husband gets I think the English cut, smaller thin slices of Prime Rib, he loves this, but there are several different ways to get the Prime Rib and they will do it rare for those of you that crave that so much. They also have the beef cuts like ribeye, sirloin A few seafood entrees, including a daily special or two, scampi, salmon. Pork. Exceptionally good lamb shank.

    They also have a happy hour deal that is pretty good. I think they detail that on the website.

    I personally like the decor, I think someone compared it to a gentlemens hunting lodge or ? It's kind of dark, burgundy, forest green, wood . . . the tele booth by the door, etc. Old school I guess. Did I mention that it is not loud and there are no children running around? I guess you get my drift, I mean no offense.

    * common knowledge these restaurant groups (like the Chop House clan or El Cholo
    Central Park
    Wild Thyme
    Diner On Main