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Sep 20, 2007 06:37 PM

Best Organic Produce - Farmers Market in Miami area

I'm from Northern California and live in Miami now. I've been a little grossed out with the produce at Wild Oats, Whole Foods, Homestead farmer Coops and even Epicure - so I did some research and found a fabulous outdoor organic produce market!

Sunday's only. Best to get there at opening time 9am but is open all day.

Beside the most amazing selections of exotic and unusual fruits and vegetables (yellow watermelon, mamey, watermelon radish) there is an amazing variety of mushrooms, many varieties of fresh picked lettuce, AMAZING and I mean the most AMAZING heirloom tomatoes you've ever seen and are to die for - really.

It's called Josh's Organic Garden. They are located at the end of Hollywood Boulevard at the beach on the boardwalk on the SE corner of the big hotel there. You are on the ocean and it's basically on the boardwalk. Can't miss it. It is SO worth the time to find it. There is EVERYTHING you need and it's the freshest and most beautiful produce you will find in ALL of Forida.

An excellent Thai restaurant a building south of the market. Try it if you go later in the day.

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  1. Yes, Josh's is solid. The Thai place is called SushiThai on the Beach and it is so so but it is right on the beach

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      I just realized that i didn't link the article regarding Josh's. Here it is.

    2. How does it compare with Glaser Farm's Farmers Market? Or the one in Pinecrest? I haven't been to either. Is there nothing comparable in Miami-Dade?

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        And how does Josh's compare with the Pompano or Las Olas farmers markets once they get rolling in the fall?
        Does anyone know if the local South Florida CSAs also sell excess produce at any local farmers markets?

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          The Glaser Farm's one blows unless you buy prepared foods. It's basically an outdoor Wild Oats. Most of the produce is not local and they don't even bother taking them out of the boxes they're from. I'm sure some stuff is local, but it's difficult to tell. I just find it hilarious seeing all these Groveites walking around and buying produce out of boxes at prices at or above the Fresh Market down the street.

          The Pinecrest market is a little better. They actually have local produce and, in answer to Mega's question, I believe the people that put on the CSA for Miami have a booth there. There's is the most expensive, but most unique stuff.

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            What you have to understand is that this is not the season yet. Glaser farms has organic whatever-is-in-season. If you go to a farmer's market expecting nothing but local produce, I'm afraid you have to wait until the season, which for the most part, starts later this winter. Right now you're gonna get a LOT of mangos. And would you feel better if they changed the boxes? Should they pretend the apples are grown nearby? I find it is a more pleasant experience to shop at an outdoor market, but you have to be realistic at this time of year. And the CSA doesn't even start delivering until January, although you can join now.

            1. re: Miami Danny

              That's exactly what I thought, Miami Danny... which makes me wonder - how is it that Josh's Organic is "local" while Glaser isn't, if we're not yet in "season?"

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                The OP mentioned mushrooms, which can be grown year-round. Lettuce is by and large a winter crop, so I'm not sure when MIAfronSFO visited the market. Although the poster raved about 'exotics', yellow watermelon and mameys are not really that exotic if you live here-I bought a mamey yesterday at Publix, and I've actually bought some yellow watermelon at the Coconut Grove Farmer's Market as well. I was there yesterday, and they had over 100 organic items, not just fruits and vegetables, but many other items, including beans, lentils, grains of all kinds, organic dried fruits, nuts, etc. Mr. Glaser is an actual organic farmer, but, obviously, the oranges and grapes, etc., are not 'local'. There aren't a lot of grapes or apples grown here. But everything looked and smelled really fresh, despite being shipped here from wherever, and it is a great experience.

              2. re: Miami Danny

                You can't join now; there are no more spots. The cost of organics is also absorbed in order to subsidize those making the effort to grow things that will not pollute. No one buys organics for the price. We support a movement.

                1. re: taiga

                  No one buys organics for the price? Perhaps if money is no object! Anyway, the RedlandOrganics CSA has a waiting list as of today. Traditionally people change their minds, so if you're interested, go to their website and sign up. No one buys organics for the price? Then why are so many people in this thread and elsewhere complaining about prices? And by movement, I guess you mean The Whole Foods Corporation?

                  1. re: Miami Danny

                    If price were the object, you wouldn't buy organic food. Instead you would go to Winn DIxie. People complain about the prices because money is tight. Whole Foods runs against the CSA movement, which, if you want to support local organic food, you must bite the bullet and cut corners elsewhere. However, if it is simply organic food one is after, Wild Oats and Whole Foods attempt to corner the market and have some good stuff. If the price overwhelms the cause, there will no longer be RedlandOrganics and you will have no choice at all. Therefore, I pay the premium.

          2. Josh's Organic Garden is nice, but he is now closed for a month. They reopen in the middle of October I believe.

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              We actually went yesterday and had a great time. He has great stuff, but of course not everything is local, it can't be....But it is good stuff at good prices compared to what you can get at Whole Foods etc. We got great squash, herbs, tomatoes, lettuce, sweet peppers (no hot peppers yesterday), and had an amazing basically vegan dinner last night! Thanks for the tip.

              This is the article that gave me directions:


              Once you are at the boardwalk, it is easy to spot, and if it isn't you will hear Josh shouting things like "no hot peppers today" etc. ;-).

              He mentioned he will be closed for the next two weeks, not a month.

              Have a good one guys!

            2. Is there a specific address or the name of the hotel for Josh's Organic? I am a Miami Dade resident and not familiar with that area. Thanks!

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                Lorilaw, here is a link to the only listing I can find. It's on the Broadwalk behind the Ramada just south of Hollywood Blvd.


              2. Does anyone know if Josh's open today? Thinking about going over there this afternoon. Thanks!