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Mar 13, 2006 02:00 PM

Updates on Grand Century Mall, San Jose--Tay Ho?

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Sunday's edition of the Mercury News featured GCM in their Lifestyle section. I couldn't find the small blurb online, but what caught my interest was a mention of Tay Ho for the stewed duck and egg noodle soup ($5.95). It's described as "a he-man bowl of rich, caramelized broth heady with star anise, bok choy, shiitake mushrooms, chewy noodles, and a whole duck leg and thigh with meat so tender it just falls off the bone." Sounds good...

So any hounds try this dish there before? What else is good at Tay Ho?

Any other updates on mall eats? New places, old favorites, etc? I haven't eaten there in a while, but I think I'm due for a revisit soon. Thanks for any info!

Grand Century Mall
1001 Story Rd. at McLaughlin
Open 10-9 daily

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  1. Thanks for the tip. This is one of my favorite noodle soups and I am always looking for a new version to find. If you like 2nd hand food gossip, My father has a vietnamese guy who works for him who recomended Tay Ho for good cheap viet eats. Said it was his favorite spot at GCM. Being a normal person, unfortunately, my dad did not grill him on the best menu options and comparisons to other restaurants.


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    1. re: Nathan P.

      I thought that you might come out of the woodwork on this one since I know you have a thing for this soup. Let us know if you try it!

    2. I've not tried this dish at Tay Ho, but I've tried others (banh cuon, hu tieu). The food is very disappoining. I'm quite negative on them not because they don't execute well but because I see a deliberate attempt dull down the dish on purpose, though as an attempt to Americanize them.

      Anyway, there are many other good choices in the GCM. There's one (I forgot the name, but it's next to the nursery near the main entrance) whose specialty include duck dishes.

      For braised duck noodle soup try Han Kee (?) restaurant on Tully, right next to the 3-Star Grocery store.


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      1. re: ahong

        Thanks for your input. I'm still curious to check the place out, but I'll go in w/ tempered expectations.

        The duck place is called Thanh Da, and I've eaten there once w/ some hounds. We didn't sample too much since we were hopping around the GCM, but the chao (rice porridge) was very good.

        Thanks for the Han Kee rec; will keep it in mind.

        1. re: ahong

          2 leads for duck noodle soup- Excellent!

          I still have your rec for an un-named restaurant with good banh xeo and noodle soup (dry) at the top of my list to try as well. I wish these places were just bit closer to me.


          1. re: Nathan P.

            I remember now the name of the restaurant with excellent Vietnamese Crepe and Phnom Penh noodle soup, from the link below. It's Thanh Tam, on Alvin avenue. Note that the link recommends their braised-duck noodle soup (Mi Vit Tiem). I haven't tried it there but their food is great overall.


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              Just wanted to add an update that Thanh Tam for hu tieu nam vang is no more. The current occupant is a place called Huong Thao Restaurant. It's not open during lunch time. It looks to be a quán nhâu kind of place with comely young women in tank tops and short skirts serving an exclusively male clientele in a lounge setting.