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Sep 20, 2007 06:08 PM

Admiralty Restaurant at Edgewater, Madison?

Our flights have been changed to getting in later & we're staying at the Edgewater. Can't find any info on their restaurant, other than on their website - sounds very continental traditional. Anyone have any more info/experience?

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  1. Wow! I havent thought about The Edgewater in 30 years! I used to play every weekend in the Cove lounge. This was always the place that parents would take students when visiting if Grandma was along (otherwise it was the Brathaus). Very proper; it would have been stuffy if the staff hadnt been specifically trained to be friendly and helpful. The maitre'd back then (and still maybe?) taught in the food study program at Madison Area Technical College, from which much of the staff at the time was drawn. It was THE fancy dining place in town at the time. I remember that the man who owned the major classical record store in town ate there at least five nights a week; it was THAT kind of place.

    I cant say much about the food at present. I have looked at the menu, and while there are some items that have been added, much of the menu is the same as it was in 1974, if that tells you anything. Dishes like the Beef Wellington, Steak Diane, and the pan-seared Duck are likely to be very good and classicly prepared. Items like the Portobella Ravioli and Sicilian Shrimp are much newer, and if their standards have not waivered, should be excellent also.

    The view, especially at sunset, is certain to be superb. If the weather is cooperative, have breakfast or brunch on the deck/pier.

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      Right on. We went in 2004 and it was still very proper. Can't say the staff took the edge off the stuffiness, though. It might be the only place in town to get bananas Foster.

      FWIW and at risk of bloggity self-promotion, here are our reflections from our visit...

    2. I can't speak directly to the food at the restaurant, but can offer these clues.

      We've stayed at the Edgewater two times in the last two years, during the summer. Each time, the place has been fully booked for wedding receptions. From the look of the crowds, the weddings have been very upscale. So, while we haven't eaten there, I'll bet they do a pretty decent, if not excellent, job, as suggested by Fydeaux.

      One thing is very true, the deck/pier is great place for a beer and a sandwich. And now they've got wine as well as beer and mixed drinks available. With the way the weather is supposed to be, it should be beautiful out there.

      If you do eat in the restaurant, please let us know. As I know we'll be heading back there. Thanks.