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Sep 20, 2007 05:09 PM

Carroll Gardens delivery options

Need to branch out of my delivery rut. What are your top 5 places that deliver, and your favorite dishes from them?

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  1. My top delivery places are (not in any particular order):

    Dhaka -Indian food on Atlantic. Both times I've ordered from them recently the food was tasty.

    Nine D -Thai on Court. Basil chicken or shrimp is pretty good

    Kotobuki Bistro -Japanese/sushi on Columbia. Sushi is average/fine and hot japanese dishes are decent.

    Mazzat -Middle-eastern on Columbia -the basic shish kebabs are good and the side plates are also pretty good.

    I also have a soft spot for SuSu YumYum, which operates out of the Jake's Barbecue kitchen (not sure how that works...) The chinese food seems fresher and a small step above the average chinese delivery joint in the nabe. Chicken with black bean sauce and the hot&sour soup (with meat) are my two stand-by's.

    I'd like to hear about other people's fave's because while I order from all these on a semi-regular basis, I'd like to find out about new places too.

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    1. re: redherring

      I'm not sure if they deliver, but I know they do a brisk takeout business: Em on Smith (near Sackett I think). My FAVORITE Thai place in the 'hood, I used to eat there or get food from there at least once a week. I love their green curry and their drunken noodles.

      1. re: scarlet starlet

        Yes, they do. We got delivery from there at least every other week. Love anything with duck there.

    2. Nuevo Portal- Chuleta Frita, yellow rice, red beans

      Chicory- Cheeseburger and Fries, Mac and Cheese, Chicken Fingers, Windy City Hot Dog

      Ghang Thai- Pad Thai, Duck with Chili Sauce

      House of Pizza and Calzone- Calzone and pizza with fresh mozzarella

      Fatoosh- Falafel sandwich with Mujadarra

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      1. re: max

        Dhaka is horrendous, as unfortunately is any India delivery in the area. Zaytoons is great for Middle Eastern, Joya fine for Thai (although no weekend delivery), Savoila for Pizza, Chicory is decent, Jakes BBQ, Chance for Chinese (best of a bad bunch, otherwise Faan)...I'm sure there are others I can't think of.

        1. re: nitsujwolrah

          Nothing wrong at all with Chance, I think you're selling it way too short. They have very good dim sum choices (which we usually eat there at the bar)...shu mai, beef with pine nuts, lobster with spinach, etc. Very tasty stuff. All the other dishes I've had there (I usually stick to dim sum and some fried rice and side veg dishes) are always very fresh and of good quality. We're not talking hardcore authentic chinese but very solid food nevertheless. And it has nothing to do with the sort of thing you get at Faan. Which is horrible by the way. Inedibly so the times I tried it when I first moved to the area. It's long been one we've avoided.

          For more 'american chinese' corner joint fare, its rough around here. I used to have Empire Kitchen as my standby but they went out of business a few months back. Me and My Egg Roll has very tasty wonton soup but the entrees are hit or miss and very heavy on the sauce.

          1. re: Nehna

            I like Chance too. For Indian, I prefer Raga over the other options in the area. It's not fabulous, but it can be pretty good and the guys who work there are so nice. Just stay away from the samosas.

            1. re: hercules q. einstein

              Another vote for Chance; just tried it tonight. The hot and sour soup was particularly good.

              Tried Joya a few nights ago and really didn't understand what all the fuss was about. It was passable, but not epic. Had more interesting dishes from Em.

          2. re: nitsujwolrah

            Joya now delivers on weekends, at least they did for me 2 Saturdays ago.

            1. re: nitsujwolrah

              I too thought Dhaka was horrendous when I first tried them. There was a complete lack of flavor to the food, and it didn't taste fresh. However, desperate for something different, my wife convinced me to retry them (based on the fact that they haven't yet gone out of business and seem to have people inside when we walk by), and I was pleasantly surprised. The food wasn't bad. At least it was fresh and flavorful. It may have been a fluke, but I would definitely say it was better than Amin or Raga. Obviously, one good experience hasn't entirely changed my opinion, but I'd try them again if I were feeling brave.

          3. The situation is bad, with very few bright spots.

            While not as enthusiastic as "Nitsu", I agree that Zaytoons is a good card to play. If you're closer to Atlantic, Waterfalls and Fountain may actually be better Middle Eastern options. But further South the overall picture dims.

            You might try Fragole (Court St) for pasta delivery--not bad. And believe it or not, the fresh tacos from--is it Buddy's Burritos across from the movie theater?-- are good. Get them with cilantro. That's all I got, and I've tried a lot.

            "Nuevo" gets a B on its best day. Avoid the steak, and the plantains. And don't get me started on Chicory--the little restaurant that couldn't (or didn't want to). I will also not eat ANYTHING from Nine-D except the Pad Kee Mow, and that only when things are desperate (and they often are).

            Thank you Max for reccommending House of Pizza and Calzone--I had forgotten about them.

            1. I just realized I never gave my own top 5. Here goes:

              Savoia - meat lasagna and diavalo pizza
              Jessie's Brooklyn Kitchen - wild salmon, organic burgers, roast chicken, steak
              ghang thai - pad thai with squid and pumpkin curry
              zaytoons - zaatar bread, mujadarra and lamb kebab platter
              caserta vecchia - margherita pizza and spaghetti with cherry tomatoes

              (These two are pickup only, but they're fantastic):
              Po--papardelle with rabbit ragu
              Lucali's pizza with basil, garlic and mushrooms

              1. Lichee Nut in Bklyn Hts. delivers to Carroll Gardens -- good, less greasy than average, Chinese.