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Sep 20, 2007 04:31 PM

Bourdain's S.C. Show- Whadda ya think?


Saw Bourdain's No Reservations S.C. show. I was wondering what everyone thought of it.

  1. Liked it for the most part. SC-style BBQ is indeed a strange beast with that crazy mustard sauce. Pork looked good though. The oyster roast also looked quite delicious.

    Kind of bummed they didn't make it to McCrady's, but this was more a show about Southern classics than modern cooking.

    1. Thought it was nicely done; very happy he found Sweatman's. Pleased with Lake High's performance - had worried his ultra-conservatism would be a factor. Enjoyed the contrast between Civil War re-enactors and high-brow Charleston garden partiers. What a kick!

      Wish Tony had opted for oysters at Bowen Island Restaurant, but the private roast was fine. Maybe next time...

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