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Sep 20, 2007 04:18 PM

Beef Jerky in Toronto

Besides the Asian style and the ones you get at grocery stores, where else can I find beef jerky in Toronto? One previous post mentioned the Healthy Butcher. Is the beef jerky there any good?

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  1. I just bought some beef jerky for the first time today. It's on sale at Shopper's Drug Mart on Danforth near Pape.

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      I have tried the beef jerky sold at Shopper's Drug Mart, but I doubt very much that it's as good as the real thing. My South African grandmother used to make it and it was fantastic made at home. Having said that, I have no idea where to buy a similar replica from a store in Toronto.

      1. re: pescatarian

        There's a store at 798 Sheppard E. called Baxter's that sells SA style Biltong.I liked the flavour, but it was a little tough, unlike the major brands such as OhBoy by Oberto, which now hype more tender variants.

    2. I had the *best* beef and pork jerky in Macau. It was in a street filled with shops and stalls that just sold fresh jerky and other delicacies, and most of the ones I had were so tasty! and tender! (and cheap!) Most of the ones here are vacuum-packed, dry and hard.

      I'd also like to know where to get some of the good stuff here. What are the good brands?? (including ones in Asian supermarkets)

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      1. re: jinxed

        "...Fresh Jerky..."
        ? Is that an oxymoron ?

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          noooo...I know that jerky in general is dried meat and then preserved (usually with salt?) and vacuum-packed, but there is also fresh/unpackaged jerky which has a short shelf life. Maybe "fresh" is not the best word...but I think the meat tends to be lower in fat and water (and preservatives) compared to the packaged ones.

 - see "Unpackaged" section
          the link isn't working properly -- it's supposed to have a ")" at the end!

          I'm sure that it exists somewhere in Toronto, because I've had it from Vancouver where there are a lot of common Asian influences. I'd forgotten about it, but now I'm going to keep my eyes open!

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            The only time I eat it is from a little butcher shop north of Kingston, on the road to Westport. It is indeed fresh and insanely addictive.
            I'm in Macau this weekend, I'm going to look for that street!

            Sorry, don't know where to get it in T.O.

            1. re: koknia

              Boo, Kingston is too far for me to travel for jerky (I like pork more than beef)...

              In Macau you might also be interested in trying a portuguese-style egg tart from the originating cafe, "Lord Stow's Café". It's good but nothing special since we can get them here now, but it's like you're eating a piece of history! (yay?)

              CECILIA: It looks like there might be some jerky to be had at 743 The Queensway, although pork, not beef...

      2. The best beef jerky I've had was at the CNE this past summer. It was from a booth in the Arts and Crafts building that was selling beef sticks. It came in a package from a company called "the Great Canadian Meat Company".

        I've seen their beef sticks (like a Hot Rod) in variety stores but not the jerky. This is worth seeking out.