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Sep 20, 2007 03:50 PM

really good french fries...oh yeah, and burger

In most of the lists I see for best hamburgers, they sometimes include the fries as part of the judging and sometimes no. I am looking for the best combo, but I want fries to be the main concern with the burger more like the side dish. I really like the thick, steak fries or waffle fries. But, I also want a good burger with it.

Any suggestions? Any borough will do, but prefer Manhattan or Brooklyn.


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  1. I think Shake Shack has the perfect combo--I really like their crinkle cut fries.
    For waffle fries and good burger, Waterfront Ale House.
    Cafe de Bruxelles has great fries and a good burger.

    1. Ottomanellis Grill on 93rd and lex! Waffle fries are crispy and burgers.

      1. The Nolita House, Markt or August

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          Ha! So you did try Nolita House Leah! Glad to see you enjoyed it! I second Nolita House & Markt. Also want to add MetroCafe & Wine bar. They have nice big crispy fries and a juicy kobe beer burger.

          For just fries alone though- check out the Tuscan fries at Beppe. They are amazing!!!

          1. re: roze

            Yes!! I did try the Nolita House...loved it! I wrote a review of the place on my blog:
            Can't wait to try MetroCafe's burger...sounds great!!!! Used to live across the street from Beppe and never made it there. :(

        2. For fries, Cafe de Bruxelles on Greenwich Avenue is hard to beat. The burgers are fine, but most of their other food is better than their burger for around the same price.

          1. Second the recs for Shake Shack and Waterfront Ale House and adding a Brooklyn option -DuMont.

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