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Interesting restaurants near Montauk/East LI area

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Spur of the moment trip to Montauk - never been there before. I searched here and found lots of chowder/lobster roll suggestions but wondering if there are some interesting restaurants in the area. Suggestions would be great.

Also - breakfast suggestions - especially good corned beef hash - we do not get good corned beef hash in Canada!


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  1. Not sure about Corned Beef Hash, but Bird On The Roof has excellent breakfasts. Haven't eaten there yet but I've heard good things about Estia Cantina in Amagansett.

    1. Bird on the Roof is the best breakfast place in town, but they don't have corned beef (they do have pastrami though). I don't think anyone out there makes corned beef hash from scratch, although there are some decent canned versions around. Probably not what you're looking for.
      Othere interesting restaurants, which to me means where the locals go: The Dock (near Gosmans), O'Murphys (on the circle in town), Cyrils (on the Stretch before town) and Montaukett for lunch and the view. All have great food, lots of options and good prices. Hope you like fresh fish!

      1. Thanks so much for all the great suggestions - I guess we'll get our hash hit at Smith and Wollenskys when we're in NYC beforehand!

        Canadians are also Mexican deprived - any good Mexican restaurants near Montauk?

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          One just opened this summer on the Napeague Stretch, it's called 27 I believe, the chef-owner came out from the city and it's supposed to be good. But the best deal is their lobster special, $9.95. Hope they're still open, the season's just about over.

          There's always takeout at La Fondita just before Amagansett (only weekends now I would say), or Estia Cantina in the town of Amagansett. But avoid Almondito in Easthampton at all costs!

          If you'd like Colombian, then Continental Market near the church in Montauk is a deli/rotisserie chicken type of place with great homemade food and baked goods. There's also another Spanish deli north of Main St in the middle of town, behind a gas station, and it's very popular too. And Havana Beach Club up by Gosmans for upscale Cuban, if they're still around. Authentic homemade Mexican combined with BBQ at an eclectic place called Diamond Cove Marina, but they could be gone for the season too. Just ask around town.

        2. two best higher end restos are Laundry on 27 on the montauk side of East hampton and Nick and Tonis, north of town a little bit in EH.

          1. Post script

            Just back from Montauk and area - really loved it and we had fantastic weather last week.

            Brief restaurant comments

            - had a terrific meal at Inlet Seafood in Montauk - at first we looked at the ENE menu but it looked fussier than what we wanted - Inlet was perfect. Some very inventive sushi roll combinations beautifully presented and the grilled porgy was delicious.

            - all the Mexican restaurants were closed - alas

            - really *wanted* to like Bird on the Roof - perhaps we ordered the wrong dish - it was just kind of a gloppy mess of fat (and I don't have anything against fat!) - also the restaurant was really dirty - windowsills, floors, bathroom - not messy, but dirty

            - wish we'd had the time for Lunch and Cyril's - next time!

            Thanks for the suggestions