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Sep 20, 2007 03:11 PM

Fun Date Restaurant in Dallas

I am looking for a fun/different date restaurant in Dallas. Something for mid-20s thats pretty nice but not terribly expensive. Cuba Libre is always a favorite but I was looking for something new. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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  1. for the fun go to sangria or cafe madrid, both tapas places in the knox henderson area
    for just amazing food-2900

    1. Try Alo - reasonable and has a modern vibe going. Or, if you are up for bishop arts, we love Hatties and Tillmans Roadhouse. Actually - - you could go to the mexican restaurant in Bishop Arts (so sorry I forgot the name) which is tiny but excellent and not too expensive and then round the block to tillmans which is funky and has a long cocktail menu. that would be a nice date!

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      1. I'm a huge fan of Vickery Park. It's a bar, but much of the menu approaches decent restaurant quality. Excellent burger, excellent chicken sandwich (jalapeno cheddar bread, bacon - it's juicy and delicious), really different tortilla soup, the BEST calamari in town - it's buffalo fried!

        They've got a fantastic playlist as well - the best and most varied in all of Dallas - from emo rock to old jazz to underground hip hop to mid-90s Radiohead.

        Aw Shucks is great as well. On Lower Greenville, big patio, not too expensive, super casual; it's my favorite fish shack in town.

        I'm a huge fan of The Grape. New ownership (chef owned), not too expensive, much nicer than the above two, and on Lower Greenville so you can have a nice dinner and then get sh*t-canned next door at The Dubliner! It's my favorite 1-2 punch in town!!

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          EpiEsq, thats hilarious. The food at Vickery is excellent - and I fully second the calamari. Just make sure about what time you go, etc. since it is very much a bar atmosphere (dark, smoky, etc) and not a particularly date-night like crowd. Not sure what your date is like but he/she may or may not be in to that.