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Sep 20, 2007 02:10 PM

Your picks for Friday night cocktails/snacks?

I'm always in search of great places to hit on a Friday night around 9:30. These are my key criteria:

1. Great drinks (preferably not super-pricey)
2. Good small-plate/snacky food with at least a few vegetarian options
3. Fun and relatively hip trappings and crowd

Places I've enjoyed before that at least sort of fit into these categories have included (in no particular order) Falcon, Lula, Lola's, Library Alehouse, Bodega, Geisha House, Minibar, Lucky Strike, Trader Vic's, Skybar, The Well, Malo, Palomino, Xiomara, and Ford's Filling Station.

What are other people's favorites along these lines? I'm interested in trying out Hungry Cat because it gets so many raves, but it kinda seems like they only have fish. (But correct me if I'm wrong.)

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  1. Hungry Cat has the fish-less pug burger, but plan on waiting to get even a bar seat unless you have reservations.

    Given your criteria & your previous preferences - you may want to check out Celadon (Fairfax district), L'Scorpion (Hollywood), Ciudad (downtown), the Edison (downtown, though i heard their dress code policy becomes progressively more strict as night goes on), and Luna Park (La Brea/Wilshire). I'll throw in Ketchup too only because you said you liked Geisha House.


    1. I might suggest Katana. It has great cocktails, very hip crowds and everything is in small portions. The robata grilled meats are fantastic. I am pretty sure they have some vegetarian items, but try the filet wrapped asparagus.

      1. Bar Marmont

        Bar Marmont
        8171 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046

        1. Also:

          TABLE 8
          SONORA CAFE
          LUNA PARK

          1. There's also the Franklin corridor:

            La Poubelle