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Sep 20, 2007 01:40 PM

Ranking/Recommending Austin-Area Farmer's Markets

Any thoughts on or recommendations for local farmer's markets? Being a relative newcomer to Austin, and an inhabitant of Crestview, I've visited both the Brentwood farmer's market--which, to my understanding, will be demolished for more condos--and the Austin Farmer's Market, when it was downtown and at it's new location in the Triangle. I found the Austin Farmer's Market much too yuppified and trendy--Ethiopian food and Japanese knives at a farmer's market? come on...--while I truly enjoy the Brentwood market, despite the limited selection and spartan surroundings.

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  1. I've always enjoyed the Sunset Valley Farmer's Market the best. It's almost as yuppified as the downtown one but seems to have the most established farmers. Boggy Creek Farm is the most laid back, though not really a FM considering it's just their one farm.

    I've been wanting to check out some Farmer's Market off Jolleyville for a while but haven't found the time.

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      I agree. A lot of the vendors sell at both the downtown and sunset valley locations, but the sunset valley location has a stronger emphasis on actual food and produce and is therefore home to a few other notable stands. As far as prepared food goes, no one can beat Auntie Nita's Homestyle foods. For her quiche, she grows her own tomatoes, dries them, prepares a crust from scratch and uses eggs from her own chicken coop. She cares about her food and makes just about everything from scratch, almost unnecessarily (she even grinds her own sesame seeds for tahini paste in her hummus!). Also try Sgt. Pepper's sauces and Texas Quail Farms for some really amazing pestos and deals on local quail.

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        Boggy Creek also sells cheeses, dairy and pastured meats from other local farms (lamb, beef and bison - sometimes chicken). They've got as much as the Downtown or SV markets do most of the time, minus prepared foods and pork.

      2. Hi,

        Not quite what you asked, but I thought this Google Map of local farm stands, farmer's markets and community gardens that I compiled could be helpful for you as a newcomer to the area (as am I):

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          Thanks so much for the list potluck!

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            Wow! Is there anything like that for Chowhound-recommended places?

            For example, a MPH-Best Mexican-Map ?

          2. Because we live nearby and it's a good way for my toddler to burn off steam before winding down for the evening, we often go to the Triangle market on Wednesdays. I'm usually disappointed by what's on offer, because this is a crappy time of the growing season and the vendors have really thinned out since the market opened back in May.

            I have not been to the Downtown version of the same market in at least a year, maybe more, but I do know that vendors like Scott Arbor Farms, who are no longer at the Wednesday market, have been there for years. I hear tell that the downtown market has improved since the last time I was there, and I'm planning to check it out again this weekend.

            We have been going to Sunset Valley on a semi-weekly basis for quite some time now. There is a lot more produce on offer, but there are also non-food vendors there (probably more than you found at the Triangle). This doesn't bother us so much; we just head straight for the Full Quiver stand!!

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              I agree that the triangle farmer's market is probably the best venue, while it might not have the most stands, options, and produce. The venue is great, large grassy areas, a band playing, and a fountain for the kids to play in. Much better than roasting in a parking lot at Sunset Valley. I have to say that Auntie Nita's is indeed awesome. Their relish is fantastic.