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Sep 20, 2007 01:37 PM

Alternatives to per se?

My family was planning to celebrate my upcoming graduation from law school with a dinner at per se. Because there are 10 of us, we would be required to use the private room. However, someone has already booked it for that night, so we are now trying to come up with some alternatives (that hopefully won't be booked for May already!). My mom would like to find somewhere that is special, with excellent food but nothing too "newfangled" (she did not like the food at wd-50).

Some of my initial thoughts were Le Bernadin, Bouley or Daniel. We've all been to EMP and would rather go somewhere we haven't all been already.


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  1. What about L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon? I haven't been and I'm not sure they can even seat 10 together but I'd think this would be a nice Per Se alternative. Good luck and congratulations.

    1. Le Bernardin, Veritas or Bouley

      1. I haven't been to Per Se, but the food at Fleur de Sel (on East 20th Street) reminded me of my meal at the French Laundry.

        1. L'Atelier -- Four Seasons Hotel, NYC - is spectacular. I have been back many times. Do you know it takes them nine days to make their own bread yeast? Crispy, small, french begats.. see some photos below. Beautiful decor. Sit at the counter and watch the chefs.

          By far my favorite in NYC...but there are many close seconds

          1. As much as I love L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon and frequently recommended it in other posts, I am noit sure if it is what you are looking for if you were to find a place to substitute Per Se. The two places have completely different ambiance and the types of food served are also different. If you want the more traditional app, entree, dessert with amuse bouches and small plates in between, Robuchon is not the place.

            IMO Jean George, Le Bernadin, and Bouley will be much closer to Per Se in terms of food and ambiance.