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Sep 20, 2007 01:19 PM

Large blocks of cheese in Brooklyn

Does any store in Brooklyn other than Pick-N-Pay sell 4-5 lb packages of kosher mozzarella?

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  1. Is there a Costco around? They usually have bricks o' cheese.

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      1. re: MartyB

        Maybe Glatt Mart. As a favor, maybe one of the kosher pizza places can get it for you.

    1. BS"D

      Do you keep Cholov Yisroel? If so, I can't help you, because I would have expected every kosher store to carry them, either Haolam of Golans, and am surprised they don't. But if you would use cholov hacompanies, then Joseph Farms (formerly Joseph Gallo) cheese is kosher under OK certification, and they make bulk mozzarella, which is shipped nationwide, so I wuld expect any nonkosher market which carries Joseph Farms to at least have access to their bulk blocks of cheese. In Los Angeles, I get mine at Food for Less, which is associated with Ralph's Supermarket, which in turn is associated with Kroger Supermarkets. Although all of their cheeses are supposedly available in bulk, Food for Less seems to only stock the mild Cheddar and Monterey Jack in 5 lb packages, but the cheese is so cheap per lb that even in 1 lb packages you'll still save money over kosher-only brands. And their sharp Cheddar is also good, though it's a stretch to call it "sharp", as most of the "sharp" brands on the market, including this one, are really only medium. But then again, most of the "mediums" are mild, and most of the "milds" are positively insipid.

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        One of the issues is the size of the cheese. Brooklyn has many establishments that have kosher cheese. To the best of my knowledge, 16 oz. is usually the max for retail kosher mozzarella, which is probably why Jeterfan suggested asking a kosher pizza shop.

      2. friedman's on 13th avenue in boro park also sells them. The prices for the cheese at friedman's and pic n' pay are about the same.

        1. Kosher Corner, on McDonald Avenue and Avenue S, has whole blocks of Haolam Mozzarella.

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