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Sep 20, 2007 12:49 PM

What's within a block or so of Prospect Park subway?

Taking my dad (who's 75 and has lived in California for 50 years) back to his old neighborhood around Park Slope. He can only walk a block or two (tops), but we want to take the subway to the Prospect Park station and find a fun place for lunch within about a block. We're happy with any cuisine -- we just need it to be close to the subway. Thanks for your help.

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  1. Can you be specific about the subway stop and train? There are several neighborhoods around the park as well as subway lines.

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    1. re: Claire

      Sorry -- We'd be taking the B train and stopping at the Prospect Park/Empire Boulevard- Flatbush Avenue stop. Thanks!

      1. re: Marya

        Not on the weekend, I hope. The "B" doesn't run on the weekend. The "Q" does. I can't think of anything outstanding even within several blocks, but why not just bring a picnic lunch to the park?

        1. re: Marya

          I hope you aren't going there to go to Park Slope. It's on the opposite side of the park from that stop. That stop is near Prospect-Lefferts, Crown Heights and Flatbush. The neighborhood around there is now primarily West Indian and while there are several decent places to eat in the area, particularly down Flatbush, none that I know of are really close to that subway stop, which is in a kind of fast food hell.

      2. I've had great roti not far away, on flatbush and around albemarle. there are lots of other good west indian places on flatbush, too.

        1. If you are indeed going to Prospect Park on the Q train--and you get out at the head of a southbound train, on Lincoln Road--you have two options to your immediate left, on Lincoln Road, before you get to Flatbush. One is KDog and Dunebuggy, our neighborhood sandwich, soup & pastry shop. Great variety--yesterday included Turkey Meatloaf & cuban sandwiches, for example. A really fun place. And next door to that, Cafe Enduro (which I think is still open for lunch) cooks up Brooklyn Mex (our version of Cal Mex, Tex Mex, etc.) Once you get to Flatbush, your options include the very decent cafe at Botanic Garden (another block away to the south entrance, but then you have to walk within), or as noted above, various Caribbean storefronts. Ali's Roti is 2 very short blocks to your right, on Flatbush past Midwood; next to that is City Jerk (which I can't vouch for personally, but was praised on our neighborhood blog: And everyone's waiting for the rebirth of Lenny's as Caribbean Sweet Hand, across the street from the BP Station, on Washington. But it probably won't be ready any time soon. Mike's International is also on your right, down Flatbush, but it tends to be mostly takeout (the dining room is almost always deserted) and may not even be open for lunch. If your Dad is really adventurous, there is the spooky looking Meytex Lounge on Flatbush between Lincoln & Maple, serving West African food. But the jet black windows have always scared me off, and it probably isn't open for lunch anyway. Go with the first three suggestions.

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            I ate at Meytex once. It's Ghanaian. It's OK. I had fufu with goat. It wasn't the greatest, but was intriguing enough that I'll go back at some point.

            1. re: jmj

              I haven't been to Mike's International in a few years, but it was always good in the past. I'm pretty sure they're open for lunch at least some days, but I think they're closed on Sundays.