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Sep 20, 2007 12:31 PM

Boston Hound in Toronto

Hi, there --

I'm visiting your fair city for the first time next week (will be there 3 nights), and I was hoping for some guidance. I've done some searching on the boards but am having a hard time parsing out the options.

I'm traveling for work and budget is limited, so I'm looking for casual fare. From perusing the board, it seems like I'd have good experiences with Dim Sum, Caribbean, and Vietnamese -- any specific suggestions would be very welcome.

I'm travelling alone and am staying near Union Station.

Thanks for your help! Can't wait to explore ...

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  1. Welcome!
    Here are a couple of pure tourist suggestions: Kensington Market is a couple of subway stops from you, and offers much in the way of interesting casual food. El Trompo for really good mexican street food (indoor with liquor license); Torito for good tapas, or you could pick up an empanada from one of the vendors.

    You're also fairly near the Distillery District, which is visually fun, and has many interesting shops and galleries. From a food perspective, there is a creperie in one of the buildings that does many interesting flavours (from desserts to pulled pork). There is also a brew pub called Mill Street which has a fairly standard menu. A must is Soma Chocolates, for gelato, or for fantastic spicy mayan hot chocolate. Enjoy!

    1. well, youre in city central .. so chinatown for vietnamese. if you know the intersection of dundas and spadina, along both streets is the chinatown core. you'll find tonnes of vietnamese there. i personally like Xe Lua (the one with the train in its logo), and the green place beside Xe Lua (south of it, i forget the name) is good too - its run by vietnamese. :)

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        Xe Lua! Get a pint of beer for sub $3. A miracle in this city.

      2. Hi -- try The Real Jerk on Queen St. E for Caribbean food. Here's their site:
        Hop the Queen St. streetcar going east. For dim sum and Vietnamese, stroll west along Queen till you hit Spadina, then turn right or north and you will see lots of both kinds between Queen and College. Here's another fun, inexpensive, idea: walk west on Queen's north side past St. Patrick St. to a little street called St. Patrick Square. Past it is St. Patrick's Market, which is now given over to take-out food stalls, including a good falafel joint and a good Indian place that sells a wonderful version of that mango-yogurt drink the name of which I can never recall. Take your food out the back door and eat on a bench in St. Patrick's Market Square, which is quiet, grassy and surrounded by small homes. Actually, Queen West is lined with fabulous restaurants, many affordable. If you walk along Queen west of University, you'll pass tons of places to eat, especially on the north side of the street. Have fun and don't stuff yourself too much!! Boston is a great place for Torontonians to visit -- the seafood...sigh...

        1. I agree that visiting Kensington Market is a must, and I disagree that it's a touristy thing to do. Most afternoons and evenings the place is filled with locals doing some grocery shopping or enjoying a tasty meal.

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            Kensington is not nearly as touristy as the Distillery District. DD is a waste of time IMHO — cute, yes, but its in the middle of nowhere and full of busloads of German tourists with food and prices to match. Just walk up University from your hotel to Queen West (4 blocks), go west across Queen West to Spadina (about 10 blocks), then north on Spadina (4 blocks) to Dundas, and west on Dundas to Kensington (one block) to KM. Chinatown is located around Spadina and Dundas and KM in the neighbourhood just northwest of S&D.

            My picks: On Queen: Queen Mother (pan-Asian), Peter Pan (art deco diner with great $7 pasta/salad lunch special, considerably more expensive at dinner), The Stem (50s greasy spoon with character). In Chinatown: Rol San for Dim Sum, Mother's Dumplings for Northern Chinese dumplings in a basement. In Kensington: Jumbo Empanadas (south American meat pies), Amadeu's for cheap Portuguese on a patio (grilled sardines!), Hibiscus for good vegetarian with an Asian influence, Torito for tapas (dinner-only tho it ain't cheap and doesn't take reservations), and La Palette (funky French bistro with horse on the menu, diner & brunch only)

            And closer to your Hotel: Spices on Temperance Street for Indian and Sandwich Box on Richmond fory great salad & sandwich combos made with quality ingredients for $6 (both lunch only IIRC) and Terroni on Victoria for what many say is Toronto's best pizza.

            For Caribbean, I'd try Fish Shak just west of Bathurst on Dundas (very random hours) and for terrific Vietnamese vegetarian in the new Cafe 668 now at 885 Dundas W.


            1. re: xtal

              Suppose they mean well but half the restaurants listed on that Kensington Market site are long closed.

            2. Since you're close by, check out Jamie Kennedy's Wine Bar - lots of positive reviews and experiences provided on this board.
              (ps - btw, my handle is just a coincidence!)

              Jamie Kennedy
              9 Church St, Toronto, ON M5E1M2, CA