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Sep 20, 2007 12:14 PM

Near Ikea in Burlington?

I'm driving from Ann Arbor to Ithaca on Saturday, cutting across our neighbor to the south, and would love to find a good lunch spot around Burlington. I usually stop and stretch my legs in Ikea, so somewhere on Plains Road East would be lovely. But other suggestions around that spot would be welcome.

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  1. What kind of food are you looking for?
    There are lots of little restaurants around. Some good. Some bad.

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      If there is good Asian, that would be my preference. I have never been able to tell which of the restaurants in the strip malls are trustworthy.

    2. if you take Brant St. (the first intersection eastbound) south to the lake you'll find lots of places downtown..there is Siam Dish (thai), good sushi in Village Square (forget the name....take Caroline St. i think) also in Village Square is Martini House which is good, Mantra (Indian), It's all Greek to Me.. you'll find tonnes of options..

      1. Sakai (Japanese-Korean) is about 10 minutes east on Fairview (which Plains Road turns into). I've had one meal there and recall it being decent.

        Closer to the IKEA, a few minutes west on Plains Road, is Sotiris. I've been there maybe half a dozen times and have enjoyed the Greek food every time. The interior is bright and cheery and the portions are good.

        437 Plains Rd E, Burlington, ON L7T, CA

        4155 Fairview St, Burlington, ON L7L2A4, CA

        1. We've lived in Burlington 7 years and have yet to find good Chinese/Thai Food. There is a new Japanese restaurant about 5 minutes east of Ikea called Ichiban Sushi. They have a good selection of Japanese cuisine at good prices. I would stay away from Sakai. The food is overpriced and portions are microscopic. My wife paid $18 for 2 bites of Teriyaki beef.

          Good Burlington restaurants not too far from Ikea include West Side Bistro on Plains Road West, Trendz on Brant Street and Spencers Landing at the Burlington Waterfront. Enjoy.

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          1. re: cynalan

            I would not go to Spencer's Landing.....waaaaaaay over-priced and not worth it!

            Cynalan stated they have yet to find a good Thai/Chinese food in Burlington??
            WOW just Look downtown! Tonnes of great one's there around Village Square and on Brant Street! (THAI - Siam Dish on Lakeshore Road at Brant, Chinese - Blossom City 404 Brant Street, next to parking, across from City Hall over and a bit)

            But you did ask about a place around IKEA
            Try the West Plains Bistro, 133 Plains Road East, nice menu, always hopping buzy, patio, great mussels, here is the website with full menu

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              Thank you, everyone -- I'm encouraged by all your suggestions!

              1. re: NoFixedAddress

                Hey NFA - we've tried all of your Asian recommendations. Actually, we really enjoyed My Thai when it was still in the old house on Pearl Street. Unfortunately, they lost ambience moving to their new location on Lakeshore and the food quality is abysmal. We've tried every Thai restaurant in the city and they are little more than glorified chinese food. For passable, but not great Thai, one has to go Toronto.

                We have also tried every Chinese restaurant south of the QEW. I don't know, previously living in Mississaunga and having access to the wonderful, authentic Chinese restaurants on Dundas, near Cawthra perhaps spoiled our taste buds. Blossom City, Foo Hoo, etc. - little more than typical Chinese-American fast food. However, if you like it... go for it.