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Sep 20, 2007 12:01 PM

Compari's on their pizza still good?

I grew up a few miles away from this place in the 70's & 80's and remember probably the best thin crust pizza I have ever eaten - in particular, their Italian sausage was magnificently sweet & flavorful, and I always found sausage on other pies sorely lacking in comparison.

I know the place is still there - is it still run by the same family? If so, is the pizza still as good?

In the early 80's they had a larger place in Westchester, but that closed years ago...

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  1. Hey, another Compari's fan! Unfortunately, they changed ownership back in the 80's sometime and the place that is there now, while decent, does not serve pizza anywhere near how the old style was. I agree with you - that's the best thin-crust pizza of all, even better than Bollini's. I'm sure you remember the picture of the couple that used to be on their pizza boxes.. they made the best crust of all.

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    1. re: monkuboy

      What a bummer. That was some amazing pizza. I don't remember the pizza boxes having a picture on them - last I went, which probably was in 1987 or 1989 they were still using the ancient thin white pizza boxes.

      I remember reading Jonathan Gold's first review of Casa Bianca in the LA Times around the same time - the review so enthralled me that I had to try it immediately. Casa Bianca, while good, couldn't hold a candle to Compari's.


      I'm in Santa Monica now - is it even worth going to the "new" Compari's?

      1. re: Moose

        Maybe my senile memory is bad.. I thought some of their boxes had a picture of the couple who owned it (they were really short). The last time I went was about 5 years ago when I picked up my son from the airport. We stopped at the old Compari's on Centinela and I was hoping it would be the same as before but alas, they told me the original owners had sold out. The pizza wasn't bad at all but a completely different style from the original so I was disappointed. Nothing that special, but decent. Of course maybe it's changed ownership since that time, too.