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Sep 20, 2007 11:52 AM

Where can I find Sanbitter- San Pellegrino's Aperitif Soda- in Manhattan?

My boyfriend fell in love with this stuff at a restaurant in the West Village several months back. We've been searching for it in grocery stores and specialty shops around town ever since--with no luck. It comes in small bottles, is red in color and, like it's name suggests, really bitter. So, any ideas on where we can find San Pellegrino's Sanbitter in Manhattan?

Any leads would be appreciated...

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  1. Have you tried Murray's - don't know for sure that they have it, but do remember seeing a small variety of small Pelligrino bottles there.

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    1. re: MMRuth

      If not Murray's, right next door at Faicco's may have them. I think I remember seeing them there - worth giving them a call. Boy - sanbitter - certainly an acquired taste, much like their Chinotto.

    2. Call Buon Italia in the Chelsea Market. They have a number of Italian sodas (not sure if they carry that one but they have a number of them).

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      1. I have seen them at Zaytuna on Battery Place. They carry the big bottles, but I will suggest that you call first to confirm.

        I think I did see them at Murray's on Bleecker before (as MMRuth mentioned). But I am not sure if they always have them.

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          Thanks for all the suggestions--we'll definitely check them out!

        2. not sure if any of these places carry it - probably should call first, but thought i'd throw them out might try Citarella - there is one on the UWS; Dean & Deluca (market) on prince street; maybe even Gourmet Garage - i think there are two locations -one is on the UWS. what about Whole Foods?

          1. I'm almost certain Raffetto's on Houston has them.