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Sep 20, 2007 11:52 AM

My wife is going away....

and I plan on ruining my diet for a few days. :-) If you could eat 3 meals (take out only please - I prefer not to dine alone and my friends will rat me out if I go out with them!) what would you get? Suggestions in Boston and the western suburbs would be great. Thanks!

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  1. Blue Ribbon BBQ.

    BTW, dining alone at the bar can be real treat at some restaurants. I would not be at all uncomfortable at B&G, Mistral, No. 9 Park, Union, Franklin Cafe, Gaslight, to name but a few.

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    1. re: Blumie

      I recently had a really nice dinner at the bar at Union - service could not have been friendlier, though the newest bartender (recently moved up from NY because of a girl) has no idea about wine or spirits. Oh well, he was eager to please and the rest of the bar staff more than made up for it.

    2. If I was going to ruin my diet and wanted to do it in the privacy of my own home, I would head to Formaggio's Kitchen and compile a killer cheese plate complete with nice meats.

      1. Pick up an excellent pizza from Regina's and eat the whole thing on the couch with the remote and the game.

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        1. re: yumyum

          Best idea ever - make sure to order a large Gordough!

        2. I'd get half a roast duck or some roast pork from Hong Kong Eatery. Then I'd get a Peking duck from King Fung Garden, maybe on the same day.

          Really like the pizza and bbq recommendations too. In addition to cheese, Formaggio also has great cured meats, olives and a nice little deli case. Don't forget a loaf of bread.

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            1. re: gini

              I love the idea of doubling down on the duck!

            2. Eat Chinese take-out straight from the carton. Go to Shangri-La in Belmont, Beijing Star in Waltham, or head into Chinatown to any of the places frequently mentioned.