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Sep 20, 2007 11:35 AM

solo dinner in nyc-suggestions

I am going to be in manhattan for one night next week and have a really good meal.

I will be dining alone and have no problem with eating at the bar. I dont want to wear a jacket and tie.

I have been to balthazar and babbo afew years ago and i want to try something i have not tried previously.

I dont really want Japanese.

any part of town is ok with me

I am ok with spending $200 or so

Thanks in advance

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    1. re: RGR

      sounds good
      how hard is it to get in?

      1. re: ajmojave

        We haven't been yet. We considered going there a few months ago, and when we called to make a reservation, there was no problem getting a table. We reserved but then changed our plans. I'm not sure they take reservations for bar dining. I suggest you give them a call and inquire.

        1. re: ajmojave

          I have been there quite a few times, and I have never had trouble finding a table. However, if you want to sit at the bar area where you can see the sous chefs prepare the dishes for you (the real cooking happens at the back in the real kitchen), you can make a reservation for bar seating before 6:30pm. After that the bar seating will be based on first come first serve basis, and can get full quite quickly.

          You should be able to get a table seating without any problems.

          Their foie gras dishes, the kobe beef (hands down the best steak in town)l, and their desserts are exceptional!

          1. re: kobetobiko


            Presuming service at the table is correct, would you say it's also cordial, a la EMP?

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        1. gramercy tavern. sit at the bar.
          good food, good service. all the barkeeps are attentive. you can chat or clam up. your choice.

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          1. re: steve h.

            now that you mention gramercy, I ate there on my last trip. I would agree that the bar service was excellent.

            1. re: ajmojave

              bar americain gets flack on this board but it's a worthwhile destination. i sit at the bar, read the ft and make a few friends. the bar foods (seafood cocktails, mussels, skirt steak, etc. are well executed. chips and bleu cheese are a staple). very pleasant space and service. give it a shot. i sit at the second seat before the end on the left side and save the last seat for deb when she gets out of work. we'll keep going back.

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            1. tryout Tribeca Grill in Soho!! it is a perfect place--the food is great and great atmosphee!!

              im sure you will love it!!

              Frankie Imbergamo/Boston MA.