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Sep 20, 2007 11:29 AM

Steak and Kidney Pie - SF / Bay Area

I am feeling terribly nostalgic today.

Any 'hounds know where can I find a decent rendition of this perennial favourite from the old country ?

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  1. The British Food Centre in San Carlos has a good selection of frozen pies if you're looking to buy them.

    They have a Campbell location too, but I've only been to the San Carlos store. They have a lot of imported items from England.

    British Food Center
    1652 El Camino Real, San Carlos

    British Food Center
    1614 W Campbell Ave, Campbell, CA 95008

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    1. re: sgwood415

      Cheers sgwood415.

      Isn't there a store in Potrero Hill specializing in English food items ? The name escapes me.

    2. O'Reilly's has been known to serve it. Maybe Pig & Whistle? Call and ask.

      Could maybe get one by special order at Incanto.

      O'Reilly's Irish Bar & Restaurant
      622 Green St, San Francisco, CA 94133

      Pig and Whistle
      2801 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94118

      1. Maybe the New Zealander pub in Alameda. I had quite a tasty lamb pie there.

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        1. Hmmm, The Bitter End has steak and mushroom pie (I know, not quite the same) but I have never tried it.

          441 Clement St
          San Francisco, CA 94118
          (415) 221-9538

          1. I don't think your going to find one I'm afraid, at least not a proper one. You'll get an okayish frozen version from one of British stores - but they use ground meat and so the joy of big chunks of meat and kidney is lacking.

            One place that does do a steak and kidney pie on occasion is Liverpool Lil's in the city. It's one of those petend pies where the puff pastry lid is added after the fact, but it the filling is not to bad.

            I'm never seen it at O'Reilly's or at The New Zealander, but you never know.

            One other suggestion would be John Cambell's Irish Bakery - now I've not been there but I have enjoyed a few of his items and I'd be surprised if they didn't make a steak and kidney pie.

            If you do find a decent pie, let us know as I would happily travel to get a decent one