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Sep 20, 2007 11:25 AM

Best food culture magazines

I'm considering not renewing Saveur.

What else is good in that food-as-culture niche?

I've heard of but not seen:

Art Culinaire
Art of Eating
Food Arts

Some of those may be cooking magazines.

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  1. It's a grim time now for food magazines, which all seem to have been taken over by their test kitchens and their marketing departments. Gastronomica and Art of Eating occasionally have good things, but aren't exactly food-as-culture.

    1. I have seen Gastronomica, found it to be fairly dull. Arts Culinaire seems primarily aimed at restaurant chefs. Lots of fabulous photos, though. Saveur used to be my favorite, but it is losing me.

      1. I spent $9.50 last month at a newsstand on a copy of BBC Olive Magazine. It was a very good read, with a fresh outlook, good recipes, etc. BUT, it's too expensive to make a habit of it.

        1. If you have an interest in Japanese cuisine you may want to leaf through the quarterly Kateigaho.
          Principally focused on the broader aspect of "arts & culture", I've always enjoyed their coverage.
          The appeal, I assume, would be predicated on exactly how much "context" one wants with their cuisine.

          1. Art of Eating is passionate, serious, and often well written and photographed. Gastronomica is a bit too erudite for my taste. You can peruse them in Berkeley at The Pasta Shop and Elephant Pharmacy respectively.

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              i love them all i get about 30 bucks worth a month