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Sep 20, 2007 11:19 AM

Pork Wings

Last year at a ECU-NC State game we tailgated along with a ton of fans for both teams.....the party next to us was serving these awesome Pork Wings. The guy worked for Sysco and he let us try a couple. I have to say they were truly awesome. Since then I have tried to find them anywhere. I was sent to a place in Raleigh but they said they had been a special and werent on their regular menu. Anyone know who has them either in the Carolina's or Maryland/

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  1. Try a Yahoo or Google search. There's a meat company in Iowa that produces these things - I think it's called Heartland - and as I recall the site has a directory to distributors and retailers. I thought I had it bookmarked, because I've been looking all over for bone-in pork shanks, and that's what those are, but I either misplaced the bookmark or got rid of it. Happy hunting!

      1. Smithfield, Sysco and Farmland produce them but I haven't found a retail outlet for them. The Farmland link is for a PDF but even going to their full site I cannot get retail info.They are well worth the search so I'll keep on looking.

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          I used to buy Sysco's Generation 7 potatoes from a local restaurant.

          Ask a local restaurant who does business with Sysco if they will order them for you.

        2. Just had Pork Wings today from Blooming Glen Pork and Catering in Blooming Glen PA. They were excellent and before today I never heard of Pork Wings but I will going back for them next week.