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Sep 20, 2007 11:09 AM

Ball Square - Sound Bites & Lyndell's

Will be in the area on Monday. Thought of having breakfast at Sound Bites, and have seen lots of favorable reviews, but not specific dishes mentioned. I was there once and had the corned beef hash, which was good but not memorable. Is there something else that I should try? Also, I love the jam filled cookies at Lyndell's, but am I missing something better?

Thanks for the help!!

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  1. I like the delicious eggs bene with no place like home fries at Soundbites. Ask them to toast the english muffin for you ... last time they forgot and it needs it. I also like the breakfast sandwich with canadian bacon and cheese. People rave about the waffles, grilled muffins, etc., but I'm more eggy at breakfast so I cannot say.

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      N.B. - Yasser just switched his waffle irons to Belgian, from, uh, non-belgian. He's happy about it.

    2. The eggs bene are great. They seem to be even better in the new location. The texture of the hollandaise has improved, keeping the yummy taste. In the Green Eggs No Ham, they are now using wilted baby spinach, much improvement over the chopped frozen they used before.

      The omelets are also great. Tender, generously filled...great with those potatoes.

      Like yumyum, I'm more into the savoury stuff, but have tasted triple-berry pancakes and cream-cheese and fruit stuffed french toast, and they are great, too.

      1. I usually get a fruit plate and a side of no-place-like-home fries (fried mashed potatoes, for those not initiated). But really, how awesome can a fruit plate be, you ask. Pretty damn awesome.

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          Totally second the fruit plate. Along similar lines, I like either the pancakes or Belgian waffle with fruit on top.

          This place passes my "could I have easily cooked a better breakfast at home" test pretty much only because of the fresh fruit. The quality of the fruit is fine, but the quantity and variety are outstanding.

          Yes, I could of course prepare a massive bowl of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, kiwi, pineapple, grapes, and apples at home, but it would be expensive, tedious, and time-consuming. The waffle and pancake batters are adequate enough, but it's really a treat to get them with a massive assortment of really fresh fruit piled on top.

          I'm personally not a huge fan of the muffins here, grilled or otherwise.

          1. re: finlero

            The "massive assortment of really fresh fruit piled on top" reminds me of the waffles at the Centre St Cafe in JP. Have you ever had the fruit-topped waffles there? I swear, there are nearly 2 entire bananas atop the waffle, along with equally impressive quantities of other fresh fruit. How do the two compare?

            Also, does Soundbites have any waffles or pancakes with fruit or other goodies mixed into the batter?

            1. re: fbf242

              They do have pancakes with fresh fruit in the batter, but not sure about the waffles. The triple berry cakes are quite good. I believe blueberry, strawberry, and cranberrry, which adds a nice tang without overwhelming. They have other choices, which I can't remember, also I think chocoate chip and coconut. The fresh fruit on top is great, too, as is the fruit plate, and as yumyum says, Yassir will sometimes comp a small plate. Juicy, ripe and nice variety.

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            I think we chatted this morning!

            1. re: enhF94

              Did we now? I wasn't anywhere near Soundbites this morning. Sorry!

          3. I love the omelets there. I always have a hard time choosing which one but am always happy withy my choice. The omelets all come with the no place like home fries (which are griddled mashed potatoes) and toast.

            I've always wanted to try the fruit plate because it looks great. I never have because it's huge and I couldn't eat that and my breakfast plate. Well, I probably could, but would feel mighty sick.

            They also have great coffee at Soundbites.

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            1. re: beetlebug

              If you go there and chat Yasser up, he'll usually bring over a small bowl of fruit while you wait. And you're right -- I was going to mention the better than average coffee. Although with True Grounds right across the street (and those guys being full on coffee nuts) it's an embarrasment of riches. The smaller place SB used to be in and now the Ball Square Cafe (owned by the Victors Deli family) is finally open. I'd try it but I think I'd feel like I was cheating on Soundbites.

              1. re: yumyum

                wait'll you see the menu! Several dishes are *really* close to Sound Bites, even down to similar names.
                Sound Bites: "Basic" and "Basic Plus"
                Ball Sq Cafe: "Our Favorite" and "Our Favorite Plus"

              1. re: taxi

                In Ball Square, Somerville, on Broadway. Pleasant, recently-moved-into space a couple of store-fronts down from where they were for years. Good burgers, sysco coated spicy fries, great prices at dinner.

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                  Gah, that's the wrong soundbites, even though I clicked on the right one and it won't let me edit it!! It's across the street at 708 Broadway. (*&^ places.

                  Looks like two bugs in places. When you search on Soundbites, it returns both the original and the grill across the street. No matter which you click on, the grill is linked and the remove button doesn't seem to have any effect. Guess that's why it's beta.

                  Sound Bites
                  704 Broadway, Somerville, MA 02144

                  1. re: DavisSquare

                    I think that's actually Yasser's sandwich place across the street.

                    Soundbites breakfast place is at 708 Broadway.