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Sep 20, 2007 11:05 AM

Erik's on the North Fork

Erik's on the North Road is a wonderful takeout/eat-in spot. My favorite things there are fried- the BEST chicken, as well as shrimp or scallops-in-a-basket are usually available- but the heathier options like the fresh inventive salads and soups and are just as good. Lots of local ingredients from the farmstands. Only open for breakfast and lunch. There are just a few inside seats, but there's a nice deck with lots of tables and more chairs out front.

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  1. D-ya know what time they open for breakfast? Open 7 days?

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    1. re: foodie08

      They are open at 6:30am, close at 3pm 6 days a week; closed Tuesday. The hours may change as the weather gets colder, so check first. Stopping there tomorrow am for the scones- think they're baked elsewhere, but very, very good.

      1. re: TBN

        Probably from Jundras in Jamesport (although I'm just guessing) the best bakery I've tried in a long time. Their chocolate raspberry croissants are unbelievable, and the cinnamon raisin bread is so,so good.

    2. Where is Erik's? Sounds so good....