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Sep 20, 2007 10:57 AM

Lethbridge, AB - any recs from AB foodies?

I'm heading down to visit my daughter at the University. Any recommendations for this town (dining or take-out) from from Alberta hounders? Basically any info at this point would be helpful.

We usually head to the Streatside Eatery, but the last few times there I wasn't exactly happy with the quality of the food.

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  1. Ooooh. Not Streetside ... There are actually some great new places to eat in Lethbridge these days. I'd try Plum, 360 (and the panini/gelato shop next door - same owners), and Miros. I don't know the exact addresses of all of these places, but they're all "downtown" (if you can call it that!) near Galt Gardens. Miro and 360 are actually right across from the park, while Plum is on a side street right near the park.

    All three places are owned by locals (i.e. they're not chain restaurants), and all are hip, fresh, and creative. I've always enjoyed my meals at these three places, and Plum apparently has an especially good wine list (although I haven't seen it yet).

    Coco Pazzo on 3rd Ave (which is owned by the same family as 360) is also great for fresh pasta and wood-fired-oven pizza (kind of like Pulchinella's pizza in Calgary).

    Osho has pretty good sushi and a cool lounge; there's the Saigonese on Mayor Magrath Drive for decent vietnamese (it's pretty grungy inside, but the food's good); and for great non-chain coffee and made to order sandwiches you should try the Penny Coffee House ("downtown" as well - right near the Bay mall and the Alec Arms Hotel).

    Finally, I'm always partial to Earl's in Lethbridge. It's one of the few non-corporate stores (meaning it's actually owned by two Lethbridge locals). I love it because I always know exactly what I'm going to get, and because it's open relatively late (by Lethbridge standards). Plus I worked there during my undergrad and met my husband there, so my attachment to it goes a bit beyond food, service, or ambiance!

    I'd love to hear how your trip to the windy city goes - good luck!

    1. Lethbridge is a food wasteland from most of my experience BUT I was there about a month ago with my wife on business. We ate at Ric's Grill, which is a converted Water Tower (you really can't miss it). We ate in the lounge rather than the dining room and had a great time.

      First off, we had very low expectations. Second, we came in around sunset and the view was a very nice view. Third, our dinner was great! We had Steak and Lamb and it was delicious, a very pleasant surprise.

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        Ric's is a good suggestion too - I forgot about that one. It is quite an experience eating inside a water tower - the view is great. But I still think that the three restaurants near Galt Gardens are even better because they are local and the owners, at least in my experience, try to make the dining experience unique and special.

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          Jigga I haven't visited any of your reccomendations but I will try them next time I'm in Lethbridge, as I somehow find myself there once every few months, thanks.

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            I don't think that Ric's Grill is worth it - overpriced for the food quality/quantity/service.

            Ric's Grill
            1175 Rogers Way, Kamloops, BC V1S1R5, CA

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            Thanks for the suggestions Jigga & Major... I will try them out!

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              Where did you eventually end up going while visiting Lethbridge? I was just there this weekend and had an excellent meal at Plum. I'm always curious to hear about other's experiences down in the windy city!

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                We ended up driving a 1 day turnaround and didn't have time for a restaurant, so ended up taking my 12 yr. old to Timmy's for a sandwich in the car on the way back to Calgary. I will keep all of the rec's in my little brain for next time. I'll keep checking this post though for any other suggestions.

          3. Thanks for this post. I am in Lethbridge for this entire week! Before heading out I found this post and last night I tried O-Sho. It was ok sushi... but definitely exceeded my expectations for Lethbridge sushi and the service I received was great!

            Tonight I went to Miro and had the pheasant ravioli and bean/parm soup - it was super yummy experience. I hope to go back to Miro before the week ends.

            Next on my Lethbridge list: Round St Cafe to try a highly recommended carrot cake and Coco Pazzo.

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              Ok my week in Lethbridge is coming to an end... so glad because the city itself is a strange hybrid of university students, retired people, and strange redneckness.

              However, I did find some good food this week. Here's a recap.

              O-Sho - the sushi was better than I expected for Lethbridge. I ordered the house roll and unagi roll. The flavours were quite good for both rolls and the service was great! There was a ton of rice in the rolls though which made me quite stuffed and took away from the quality a bit.

              Miro Bistro - amazing food. Amazing service! I had the pheasant ravioli as mentioned above with the soup du jour... so good I went back and although they ran out of the pheasant ravioli I ended up having the leg of lamb as recommended by the server. It was alright - the flavours were good but I like my lamb medium and this was well done. The potatos on the side were so yummy though and both times - GREAT service! The chef even came out to greet every table and ask how things were.

              Coco Pazzo: Not sure what the hype is. The restaurant was busy, the service was pretty good. I ordered the bocconcini eggplant salad and the gnocchi. This was an ok experience, the fried bocconcini salad wasn't really what I wanted or expected, I couldn't find any eggplant in it. The gnocchi was good but I've had a lot better in other cities. The table next to me ordered lobster ravioli and kalamari appetizers and both dishes looked great so maybe I ordered wrong.

              Round St Cafe: I was recommended to go for the carrot cake. The cake itself was alright but it was probably the best cream cheese icing I've ever had! Thank god I ordered two slices. Again great service.

              All in all I think Lethbridge is a friendly town... I'm glad I did some research before going into the city because these local places definitely beat my expectations and were more enjoyable than hitting up an Earls or Moxie's. I would definitely go back to Miro again.

            2. The one notable meal I have had in Lethbridge was at Miro and it was fantastic (as noted in this thread). As we were the only people in the resto for a rather early dinner, we spent a fair amount of time speaking with the chef. Lethbridge is (as also noted in this thread) a really odd place and I have no idea how any good resto finds it's audience.

              1. All the kids in Lethbridge love the Red Dog diner. It's a great Montreal style late night diner.