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Sep 20, 2007 10:15 AM

What's happening at Anne Maries Coastal Highway?

Been closed for many months. Now see a General Contractors trucks outside. Anyone know what is going to replace that lovely seafood/Italian restaurant? Thanks.

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    1. A neighbor of mine who works across the highway at Crabby Dick's says she has heard that they are keeping the first level facade and it will become a Chinese restaurant and that the second floor (to be rebuilt) will be some kind of "nightculb".

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        I had heard PF Chang's, but the exterior doesn't fit there typical look

      2. It is a new Chinese/Japanese Restaurant called, "Saketumi".

        1. We ate at Sakitumi recently. Our food and drinks were great and the service was great too but we still prefer The Cultured Pearl.
          It has a very nice bar in the back with a lot of tables. Be sure to ask to be seated back there.