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Sep 20, 2007 10:05 AM

Chocolate dessert recipes for healthy living

I have been debating with the chef about adding desserts such as chocolate desserts to a "wellness/spa menu" at a restaurant. Chef says chocolate is not healthy so the dessert menu includes a selection of grilled fruit, yogurt drizzles and granola toppings. Can someone please recommend some spa friendly desserts that might be a little more decadent but still healthy?

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  1. What is the definition of healthy? Low calorie, low fat, balanced fat?

    For instance, I like to make cakes with ground nuts and you can use mostly egg whites, low sugar, cocoa. Not particularly low in calories, but it is all about serving size. No unnecessary saturated fats, and good nutrients. But perhaps that doesn't quite count.

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      Healthy, as in holistic as opposed to low calorie. Natural and good ingredients but trying to be reasonably low-calorie.

    2. - chocolate sorbet (good paired with coconut sorbet)
      - chocolate dipped strawberries (or other fruit)
      - a single small square of dark chocolate
      - hot cocoa made with skim milk and only a little sugar or sugar substitute

      1. I just posted this for another topic, but tofu chocolate mousse fools everyone every time.

        I use extract instead of liquor and don't use the crust - just put into individual glasses which makes it look cute.

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          I also posted a tofu chocolate mousse (with grated orange zest) and it's quite spectac.
          You can probably search for it on this board.

        2. How about chocolate meringues? The chocolate flavor would be coming from cocoa powder which is defatted.

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            Along the same lines, I was thinking of chocolate pavlova, like Nigella's recipe (whithout the double cream):


          2. Rachel Ray's chocolate cups are incredibly easy and chocolatey. I've made it with 2% milk and they turn out great.