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Sep 20, 2007 10:03 AM

Hand Pulled Chinese Noodles in Toronto?

My wife and I are dying to try hand pulled Chinese Noodles! But all of my research points us to Markham. But we are downtown dwellers, any suggetions?

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  1. I had the da-lu noodles at Mothers Dumplings on the weekend (delicious on a chilly cold day, but an absolutely massive serving - I barely put a dent in it). Anyways, on the menu they give you the option of having it with handmade noodles for $1 extra. I didn't and I don't know whether they make the noodles onsite, but would assume so. They sell their dumplings to take home so maybe if you asked they'd be willing to sell you some noodles too?

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      i get the feeling that their noodles might be a bit less on the pulled side and mroe on the hand cut side. but i'm not sure either way.

    2. sorry to go off-topic, but where in Markham?

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      1. re: s0memale

        pacific mall has hand-pulled. that fast food place up on the 2nd floor.

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          Yeah. Martin Yan did a segment of his Chinatowns series up there showing the noodles being made.

      2. I second Mothers Dumplings, the beef w/hand made noodles we had there were excellent, as were the steamed pork and chive dumplings. Good prices too. Two of us ate like kings for $20

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          Pinstripeprincess is correct though - they are not hand pulled, just handmade.

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            Where is Mother's Dumplings?
            Thanks in advance for an address