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Sep 20, 2007 09:03 AM

Any word on the Wolfgang Puck restaurants in Toronto?

Have an opened yet? What's the deal?

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  1. Walked by the site in the colonnade the other day. Little sign of actiivity.

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    1. re: Snarf

      In fact all signs that used to say Puck was coming soon are now gone from that location... Do not think it is happening at all

    2. There was one maybe a year ago in the QEW and Winston Churchill...didn't do very well and closed in a matter of months. Although I think that has to do more with that location being jinxed...

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      1. re: apple_pie

        Actually, the one in Oakville closed because they had signed a deal to open in what was supposed to be a newly redesigned Regal Constellation Hotel (I saw the notices on the door). And when the deal for the Regal was originally rejected by the Trustee in Bankruptcy, Wolfgang Puck lost his foothold there. Ultimately, two parties got locked in litigation for the Regal, and it fell further into disrepair. Now it's being torn down....

      2. Too bad!
        Any word on the Yorkville location?
        Wolfgang Puck's is a little guilty pleasure of mine. After eating there in Disney World I always try to hit up terminal 1 at YYZ when I'm flying just to get a quick fix. I just wished there'd be a location closer to home.

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        1. re: farmers

          You mean the one on the upper floor on Bloor street by the Chineese restaurant? all signs that used to say Puck was coming soon are now gone from that location... Do not think it is happening at all

          1. re: farmers

            i have tried both his rest. and his take out.

            all i can say while MACDONALDS is better not by much.

            whillter lettuce, days old tomatoes,

            and that was the good part.

            now he is hawking pans, maybe because his rest. is not doing that well.

            Pucks over prices, and UNDER whelmed.

          2. Ran by the location at Eglinton just west of Avenue Road. Nothing's happening there. The sign's still up but it looks as though all activity inside has ceased... Curious.

            1. Losing the Puck restaurant in Oakville is really no loss. We had great expectations when we ate there and were extremely disappointed. Never again will we go to an upscale restaurant chain solely because of the name. Food was mediocre, prices high for the area and food of poor quality. If not for the lease issue, it would have closed anyway, I'm sure

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              1. re: cynalan

                In Seattle, Puck was (not so kindly) asked to leave. He did.

                1. re: Leper

                  The one in Niagara Falls was a complete disappointment, I could have been at some pizza chain. In fact, I probably should have gone to a pizza chain, it probably would have been a better meal!

                    1. re: cynalan

                      Wolfgang Puck Express is a franchise that is being offered for sale in various locations. Potential buyers are qualified based on experience, available non-borrowed cash, and ability to expand within a territory. The website states that a first restaurant costs 35,000 plus 5% of revenues, with a discount on subsequent restaurants.

                      From that, it sounds likely that it would not be the man himself. Also, the fees seem extremely slight compared to what it takes to buy into Timmy's these days.