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Sep 20, 2007 08:50 AM

Meyers+Chang? What's the Word?

I'm intrigued. But like so many other buzz'ish restaurants in the S. End, I'm thinking I need to wait at least 2 months before checking it out. Has anyone been yet?

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  1. I stopped in last night to check the place out and grab a to-go menu. Decent looking space w/maybe 8 barstools. It's a little gritty with the bus station out front. The place was bustling, and the few neighbors I spoke with who were dining raved about their food. I like the menu a lot and wish them well.

    No delivery yet, but coming soon.

    1. Stopped in for some snacks last night for take out. Space is very modern and comfortable, although I'm concerned that the bar, the cash register and the ordering of take out all happens at the same location.

      Ordered the Mama Chang (pork) and Lemony Shrimp dumplings, the Spring Rolls, and the Salt & Pepper Shrimp (may not be the right name). All were fabulous, especially the Shrimp dumplings, which are also Meyer's favorite - according to some friends who spoke to him on opening night. Looking forward to trying more of the menu (which is very reasonably priced).

      They begin serving lunch on Monday.

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        I'm excited to check this place out. The menu (from what I can actually read from that lame myspace page) looks great, and really reasonably priced for the South End. It's about time!

      2. We were in there on Tuesday and they seemed to have it very much together for such early days, especially as they were pretty busy. As others have said the menu's very reasonably-priced. For me it would probably be a weeknight place for a quick, cheap bite and a drink. I don't see me putting up with the inevitable weekend wait. I would go with beer instead of wine in future as the $9 glass of wine (not such a generous pour) soon disappeared, maybe due to the somewhat spicey pho that I had, and cancelled out the reasonably-priced dish ($10). I know $9 isn't unreasonable or unusual for a glass of wine, but a few of those will soon scupper your plans for a cheap weeknight dinner.
        I don't eat a great deal of asian food, so I'm not going to attempt to review the food, but we had scallops with fermented black bean paste (i think I have that right), scallion pancake, pork dumplings, beef pho and rainbow beef. Standouts were probably the scallops and the pho which was delicious and particularly full of fresh mint.
        Oh, and they use stem-less wineglasses which I'm not a big fan of. A minor point I know.

        1. My husband and I went last night. Usually we wouldn't go opening week, but it's in my hood, I am a huge fan of Flour (know not everyone here is), and in addition to sandwiches and treats, we've been getting their prepared food for dinner for a long time and are almost always scraping our plates. So we had high hopes. Here's my report:
          Overall, we had a very tasty meal for two with two beers each for $85 + tip. Some great flavors, and though the space is probably really annoying to wait and have a drink in, we enjoyed the space and vibe, which is a welcome addition around the SE. The place has a hip but more casual feeling, and I love the open kitchen. Next time will try to sit at counter. We'll definitely be back soon. Here's my report:

          -Mama Chang's pork and chive dumplings ($10)- 5 dumplings, pretty tasty but next time we'll try a different variety, probably the lemony shrimp
          -Tea smoked park spare ribs ($12)- yum- literally falling off the bone, not saucy, just delicious, complex flavors and tender meat. Will get again.
          -Dan Dan Noodle salad ($7)- just a straight up noodles with peanut sauce with cucumber on top. I don't usually love this dish, my husband does. I couldn't get enough, he thought it was just ok. Sauce was thickish, spicy, and wasn't fully ground down so there were still bits of nut. I want more now and will order again.
          -Beef and Broccoli Chow Fun ($12)- flavors amazing, seared flank steak very tasty, but it was really oily.
          -Wild Alaskan Salmon ($17)- ginger, sriracha and rock sugar. I felt like fish, and was worried it wasn't going to stand out, but it ended up being our favorite dish. Salmon was cooked perfectly, crispy but not burnt skin, and served over rice. We did scrape every bead of rice out of that bowl.

          Dishes were all small-ish, but we like that as we can try more. I feel it's unfair to comment on service so early on- there were some issues, but everyone was very friendly, they're trying hard, and I am confident that it will improve. For example, food is family-style and comes out as ready, which we enjoy, but we decided to add some rice a few minutes after ordering and that took 25 minutes, and our waiter said he didn't forget. He did forget to let us know that the only dish we had left coming was served with rice. OK, so I commented despite it being unfair, sorry, but just to give you an idea of what you might be in for if you go early. On the positive side, hostess helped hook us up with more beer and was attentive too, which was appreciated as it does take a village- especially in these early times. Again, we will definitely be back, and likely be craving the tastes in the meantime.

          This is my first report on Chowhound. I'll be eager to hear thoughts from someone who eats a lot more Asian. Sadly, we hardly ever make it to Chinatown.

          Anyhow, I'm thankful to you all for steering me to some great food, and away from some likely disappointments and wastes of money. Though I almost wish I never went to Perdix on all of your recommendations- it was sublime, and then it was done. Guess it was better to have dined and enjoyed once than not at all.

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            Wow, great report! I hope you keep posting. I'm definitely excited to try this place. It has been hopping the last few nights every time I walk by.

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              Thanks for a great post. I'm definitely going to try this place soon.

              1. re: Bob MacAdoo

                Supposedly lunch starts next week; no table service, order at the counter.

                  1. re: Bob MacAdoo

                    Anyone else get there this weekend? I walked in on Sat night around 8:30 and it was ROCKIN' --i just picked up a take-out menu for the future.
                    The menu looked pretty good to me, though my DC was sort of disappointed about the lack of veggie/salad-y type items. Any word?

                    1. re: twentyoystahs

                      I was at Foley's for afternoon beers and decided to hop over to M+C. We arrived at 5:20, and the doors opened about 5 minutes later. By 6pm the place was absolutley slammed. We still had excellent service and the food was tasty. I had ordered the bo la lat wraps (pork and lemongrass meatballs)--only four small meatballs but they were well seasoned and served with fresh herbs. We also had the pork dumplings and my husband had the "Tiger's Tears" which was a very spicy steak salad. I am acutally looking forward to going back, the chowfoon looked fantastic and I did see a bit of it coming out of the kitchen. The portions are small and made for a light meal on a hot day. No liquor but they do serve one of my favorite beers--Saison Dupont.

                      1. re: twentyoystahs

                        I think you might want to look at that menu again: I saw sections devoted to salads and to seared greens, lots of options for vegetarians. There's also a decent list of sakes and Asian-food-friendly wines as well as beers. Definitely drawing crowds every night.