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Meyers+Chang? What's the Word?

I'm intrigued. But like so many other buzz'ish restaurants in the S. End, I'm thinking I need to wait at least 2 months before checking it out. Has anyone been yet?

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  1. I stopped in last night to check the place out and grab a to-go menu. Decent looking space w/maybe 8 barstools. It's a little gritty with the bus station out front. The place was bustling, and the few neighbors I spoke with who were dining raved about their food. I like the menu a lot and wish them well.


    No delivery yet, but coming soon.

    1. Stopped in for some snacks last night for take out. Space is very modern and comfortable, although I'm concerned that the bar, the cash register and the ordering of take out all happens at the same location.

      Ordered the Mama Chang (pork) and Lemony Shrimp dumplings, the Spring Rolls, and the Salt & Pepper Shrimp (may not be the right name). All were fabulous, especially the Shrimp dumplings, which are also Meyer's favorite - according to some friends who spoke to him on opening night. Looking forward to trying more of the menu (which is very reasonably priced).

      They begin serving lunch on Monday.

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        I'm excited to check this place out. The menu (from what I can actually read from that lame myspace page) looks great, and really reasonably priced for the South End. It's about time!

      2. We were in there on Tuesday and they seemed to have it very much together for such early days, especially as they were pretty busy. As others have said the menu's very reasonably-priced. For me it would probably be a weeknight place for a quick, cheap bite and a drink. I don't see me putting up with the inevitable weekend wait. I would go with beer instead of wine in future as the $9 glass of wine (not such a generous pour) soon disappeared, maybe due to the somewhat spicey pho that I had, and cancelled out the reasonably-priced dish ($10). I know $9 isn't unreasonable or unusual for a glass of wine, but a few of those will soon scupper your plans for a cheap weeknight dinner.
        I don't eat a great deal of asian food, so I'm not going to attempt to review the food, but we had scallops with fermented black bean paste (i think I have that right), scallion pancake, pork dumplings, beef pho and rainbow beef. Standouts were probably the scallops and the pho which was delicious and particularly full of fresh mint.
        Oh, and they use stem-less wineglasses which I'm not a big fan of. A minor point I know.

        1. My husband and I went last night. Usually we wouldn't go opening week, but it's in my hood, I am a huge fan of Flour (know not everyone here is), and in addition to sandwiches and treats, we've been getting their prepared food for dinner for a long time and are almost always scraping our plates. So we had high hopes. Here's my report:
          Overall, we had a very tasty meal for two with two beers each for $85 + tip. Some great flavors, and though the space is probably really annoying to wait and have a drink in, we enjoyed the space and vibe, which is a welcome addition around the SE. The place has a hip but more casual feeling, and I love the open kitchen. Next time will try to sit at counter. We'll definitely be back soon. Here's my report:

          -Mama Chang's pork and chive dumplings ($10)- 5 dumplings, pretty tasty but next time we'll try a different variety, probably the lemony shrimp
          -Tea smoked park spare ribs ($12)- yum- literally falling off the bone, not saucy, just delicious, complex flavors and tender meat. Will get again.
          -Dan Dan Noodle salad ($7)- just a straight up noodles with peanut sauce with cucumber on top. I don't usually love this dish, my husband does. I couldn't get enough, he thought it was just ok. Sauce was thickish, spicy, and wasn't fully ground down so there were still bits of nut. I want more now and will order again.
          -Beef and Broccoli Chow Fun ($12)- flavors amazing, seared flank steak very tasty, but it was really oily.
          -Wild Alaskan Salmon ($17)- ginger, sriracha and rock sugar. I felt like fish, and was worried it wasn't going to stand out, but it ended up being our favorite dish. Salmon was cooked perfectly, crispy but not burnt skin, and served over rice. We did scrape every bead of rice out of that bowl.

          Dishes were all small-ish, but we like that as we can try more. I feel it's unfair to comment on service so early on- there were some issues, but everyone was very friendly, they're trying hard, and I am confident that it will improve. For example, food is family-style and comes out as ready, which we enjoy, but we decided to add some rice a few minutes after ordering and that took 25 minutes, and our waiter said he didn't forget. He did forget to let us know that the only dish we had left coming was served with rice. OK, so I commented despite it being unfair, sorry, but just to give you an idea of what you might be in for if you go early. On the positive side, hostess helped hook us up with more beer and was attentive too, which was appreciated as it does take a village- especially in these early times. Again, we will definitely be back, and likely be craving the tastes in the meantime.

          This is my first report on Chowhound. I'll be eager to hear thoughts from someone who eats a lot more Asian. Sadly, we hardly ever make it to Chinatown.

          Anyhow, I'm thankful to you all for steering me to some great food, and away from some likely disappointments and wastes of money. Though I almost wish I never went to Perdix on all of your recommendations- it was sublime, and then it was done. Guess it was better to have dined and enjoyed once than not at all.

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            Wow, great report! I hope you keep posting. I'm definitely excited to try this place. It has been hopping the last few nights every time I walk by.

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              Thanks for a great post. I'm definitely going to try this place soon.

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                Supposedly lunch starts next week; no table service, order at the counter.

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                    Anyone else get there this weekend? I walked in on Sat night around 8:30 and it was ROCKIN' --i just picked up a take-out menu for the future.
                    The menu looked pretty good to me, though my DC was sort of disappointed about the lack of veggie/salad-y type items. Any word?

                    1. re: twentyoystahs

                      I was at Foley's for afternoon beers and decided to hop over to M+C. We arrived at 5:20, and the doors opened about 5 minutes later. By 6pm the place was absolutley slammed. We still had excellent service and the food was tasty. I had ordered the bo la lat wraps (pork and lemongrass meatballs)--only four small meatballs but they were well seasoned and served with fresh herbs. We also had the pork dumplings and my husband had the "Tiger's Tears" which was a very spicy steak salad. I am acutally looking forward to going back, the chowfoon looked fantastic and I did see a bit of it coming out of the kitchen. The portions are small and made for a light meal on a hot day. No liquor but they do serve one of my favorite beers--Saison Dupont.

                      1. re: twentyoystahs

                        I think you might want to look at that menu again: I saw sections devoted to salads and to seared greens, lots of options for vegetarians. There's also a decent list of sakes and Asian-food-friendly wines as well as beers. Definitely drawing crowds every night.

                1. Just had dinner there this evening. Great food and nice scene, but the service was horrible. I'd wait a couple months until they figure it all out.

                  1. A couple of meals so far. I'm finding it very tasty if a bit pricey considering how close Chinatown is. Great lively, casual atmosphere with a kickin' sound system, though the mix is variable (LCD Soundsystem, yay, Bon Jovi, yecch). Service is friendly and trying hard but predictably a bit variable, probably more to do with the uneven pacing from a kitchen struggling to keep up with packed houses from Day One.

                    The so-so: mini banh mi made with pork, just an off combination of flavors like too-sweet pickled cukes, and fatally subverted by a too-soft roll. The merely good: Peking ravioli, fresh and crisp but not extraordinary. The very good: dan-dan noodles, fiercely spicy; yellow chive pie, perfectly crisp/greasy. The excellent: tiger's tears, just the right amount of tear-inducing fresh chilis; seared silken tofu with rice, kind of soy-heavy and intense and really good, could've eaten two of those with the very good rice.

                    My average check size has been about $20/head for a filling meal before sake or beer and tip, not cheap, but a worthwhile total package, certainly superior in food quality and prices to Pho Republique. I expect the smallish portions on entree plates will generate continued grousing; ordering mostly snacks seems to add up to a better value. Lunch is served all afternoon with counter service, a welcome addition to a range of South End lunch options that has gotten much better in the past year. Just based on a first hipshot impression, I expect this place will do very, very well.

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                    1. re: MC Slim JB

                      Are the "tiger tears" similar to what Floating Rock calls "tiger tears?"


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                        It's been a while since I've been to Floating Rock, but M+C's version of tiger's tears is strips of grilled flank steak, strips of three colors of bell pepper, a lot of Thai basil, copious sliced fresh bird chillis (mostly green ones, fierce), a dressing with a fair amount of fish sauce, and a dusting of what I think is ground fried dry rice. It definitely had me tearing up, in a good way.

                        1. re: MC Slim JB

                          Thx..sounds similar and I'm sure they use a better grade of beef. I'll have to get over soon and check it out. This could cut into my Blue Line use..:)

                          1. re: MC Slim JB

                            stopped in for lunch today for the tiger tears..great dish. Lunch is counter service and a smaller menu(don't know if they offer the full menu; knew what I wanted)..I was there early..11:45 and it wasn't crowded at all. Only "customer" was Michael Schlow and he was just saying hello..:) Few people came in as I was leaving.

                            The full menu looks fabulous and I'm anxious to go back. If the rest of the menu is as good as the beef salad, I think it's a great addition to the area.

                            Here's a few pics...including pics of the "tiger tears" from Floating Rock for comparison. M&C uses better quality beef and the herbs, veggies are a little fresher and more vegs than beef. FR uses more beef vs vegs. They have similar heat and flavor. M&C did not dumb this dish down...it's really a great dish.


                            1. re: 9lives

                              The M+C version is certainly more colorful!

                              1. re: Alcachofa

                                better light and the red peppers...:)

                                The FR pics were taken in May; so maybe the herbs and vegs available now are just better.

                        2. re: MC Slim JB

                          To expand on Slims review a bit: M+C seemingly went to chinatown and selected the best dishes from Taiwan Cafe, Xihn Xihn, etc and brought them into a contempory/hip setting. That is not a criticism of the food per se, M+C is a concept diner i.e. solid, homestyle chinese and se asian.

                          The food is solid yet the dishes at their chinatown counterparts are better - even with 'better' cuts of beef (or other ingredients) at M+C. However, unlike diners and chinatown for that matter the price point is high. The ingredients are better in some cases, but I can't reconcile the multiples of comparable prices and volumes of food. $7 for a small amount of green papaya salad is egregious however well prepared. (It tastes exactly like my mother-in-laws.) The papaya salad is an outlier though. Other dishes are more reasonable yet still pricey given portion size.

                          Service was diner-like in a good way. Our friendly, efficient waitress was clearly in the weeds yet she was never clipped or made us feel like we were part of the problem as so often happens when waiters have too many turns at once.

                          I take issue with the Sake. It is expensive. You can cross the street to Oishii and get the same bottle for less money. However, they took GREAT care with the selection.

                          I think the best summary is that this is a great date place: hip, good food, solid service, high prices, small portions.

                        3. I was predisposed to like this place given the Meyers/Chang partnership. Had dinner there. Manager actually greeted us (unusual!). The food was yummy (the four of us didn't have one bad thing), wonderful ingredients and not a tad greasy (in case you thought this was like other Chinese-ish restaurants). But the tab was higher than expected. We had to change tables because we were under a vent blowing cold air and our waiter, who clearly wasn't into being a waiter, didn't offer a solution and didn't seem to care. Love the design of the place so once we had a better table we were happy. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT: I went back for lunch as I had a hankering for some of thsoe yummy dishes, but the lunch menu is totally different and they coudn't accomodate my requests. I was not a happy camper and left.

                          1. I had dinner at Myers + Chang with my SO last night and we ordered the following:

                            Lemony shrimp dumplings - the lemon flavor was overpowering. I could not taste the shrimp. Also, the pan fried dumplings were fried too long and the edges were a bit burnt. My S.O. thought it was bland.

                            Pork spareribs - 3 pieces of very tender pork. Good but a bit too spicy for my taste. We didn't like the whole peppercorns on the pork. They should grind up the peppercorns; I bit into one and thought it was a bone.

                            Oyster omelette - an ok dish. most of the oysters were placed outside the omelette; not sure if this is on purpose or not. The other versions I've tried in Chinatown had the oysters inside the omlette. My S.O. thought Taiwan Cafe's oyster omelette was much better.

                            Beef Chow Fun - this was my favorite dish. it was sweet and a little bit spicy, unlike other versions of beef chow fun that I've tried. My S.O. thought it was too oily/greasy.

                            At the end of the meal, they gave us a tiny dish with tapioca pudding and a piece of mango on top. I liked it but the pudding was a bit thick because they cooked it too long.

                            The prices were expensive and the portions were small. It was around twice as much as what we'd normally spend at other Chinese restaurants and we weren't full after dinner. Also, the lighting at the restaurant was so dark that it was hard to see what we're eating.

                            I don't think we'll be going to back to this restaurant. The next time we have a craving for Chinese food, we're going to take a short walk to Chinatown to get better food at better prices.

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                              I went to M+C last Thursday night and enjoyed it. Obviously you're going to overpay for Chinese food in a trendy South End spot... this is a given.. and comparisons to Chinatown should stop immediately. It's like comparing apples and Clementines, both are good, one is going to be overpriced everytime.

                              We had:
                              Spring Rolls - I'm not a spring roll fan, but these were tasty. And at $5 the price is right if you're looking to keep costs down. Nothing mind-blowing here, just your average, well-executed spring roll

                              Papaya Salad - I thought this was an excellent dish (and I believe the price is $5, not $7). Very spicy, good balance of flavors, and a great dressing. No complaints.

                              Lemon-Shrimp Potstickers - I could see how these would be overpoweringly sweet/lemony for most, but myself and my SO have a very high tollerance for lemon zest. I thought the filling was fantastic, though a couple of the stickers weren't crisp and become chewy.

                              Tiger Tears - outstanding. Excellent pieces of very tender, flavorful, rare beef mixed in with some fantastic red, orange and green peppers. The flavors melded so well together. This is an example of the difference between M+C and a place in Chinatown... the ingredients at M+C were so fresh and lively. In Chinatown I'd expect more pieces of lower quality beef and green peppers only. I'd also expect to pay $3 less for a dish twice the size. I'll take the M+C anyday

                              Spicy Silky Pork - another winner. A nice balance of tofu, pork and spice. The tofu was not silky at all, but instead was cubed. I have always loved the combination of pork with tofu and this dish was no exemption

                              The space is very cool and had a NYC feel to it. I like that the dishes are brought to the table as they're ready, and for the first 4 dishes we ordered I was blown away by the perfect pace at which they came out. Dish as we were finishing one dish, out popped another (note: we ordered the first 2 items right away then the final 3 afterwards). But, the last dish took about 20 minutes to arrive and stomped on what would've been a flawlessly executed service. Still, as soon as we flagged down a waiter to inquire, the plate showed up. The waiter said "That's the 5th time that's happened to me tonight, it's weird." Maybe a few more weeks in operation will improve upon the "weird" timing...

                              1. re: heWho

                                It's still Chinese food so it's fair to compare M+C with other Chinese restaurants like the ones in Chinatown, especially if M+C has the same menu items(oyster omelette, beef chow fun, scallion pancakes, etc.). I'd rather take a 10 minute walk to Chinatown to get BETTER food at BETTER prices than pay the extra $ for eating so-so Chinese food at a trendy restaurant, but hey, to each his own.

                                1. re: southender

                                  Im with you. I dont even like the IDEA of these "gourmet" yuppie chinese places. Take a tiny portion of the same dish i can get better elsewhere, stick a fancy garnish on the plate and add a list of ingredients to the menu and double the price.

                                  1. re: hargau

                                    I don't have a problem with the idea of Meyers+Chang. There are lots of places that charge a premium for atmosphere and service and location, and the portions are smaller and the food not as authentic or as cheap as the restaurant in the less nice location. I'm sorry to say it, but I have friends who find Chinatown intimidating: they think it's scary, they feel limited in some places by the English-language menus, they don't like the indifferent service. That's too bad for them, but I don't try to lure them to Chinatown after a few attempts.

                                    I'd find M+C insufferable if the food were terrible, but I think a lot of it is pretty good. Is there a premium charged for its South End location, atmosphere, nice tableware, etc? Absolutely -- I'm pretty sure they're gouging on sake, too. But I still find it useful, consider it a relative bargain for the South End, and think the food is much better than the other hipster faux-Asian joint down the block, Pho Republique.

                                    Yep, it's better to have more of your dining dollars going into the food, and that's one of the draws of Chinatown for me, but sometimes paying for atmosphere can be worth it.

                                2. re: heWho

                                  Brilliant post hW... the comparisons do need to end. Perfect example with the Tiger Tears - M+C isn't just a trendy spot, they use fresh ingredients well and charge appropriately. In Chinatown, you get what you pay for: no frills, authentic grub.

                              2. Finally going to check this place out...but do they take reservations? P.S I think they already jumped the shark if they are depending on MySpace for their only online advertising. For one, most corporate firewalls won't let you get there...Totally annoying.

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                                1. re: mbasnack

                                  It doesn't seem that they offer any vegetarian entrees. Is this true?

                                2. I finally made it to Myers+Chang. I called yesterday afternoon to see if we needed reservations & was told that 1/2 the room is walk-in, and since we were coming in early, the wait wouldn't be bad. This was true: we got there at about 7pm, had a drink at the seats along the front window, and had seats at the 'food bar' within ten minutes. I love watching the cooks, and enjoy the kitchen heat, so we were happy there. The first thing we ordered were home-made sodas: lychee-vanilla and cherry-ginger. They were delicious, not to sweet, but flavorful and a nice replacement for booze (on hiatus for early '08!) We ordered everything at once, and said that any order of arrival was fine. The host was friendly & accurate about seating time, the waiter was busy but didn't make us feel rushed, plate clearing was performed by every member of the staff, including Chang, who also delivered a dish with same bonhomie of her wait staff. Nice to see the owners working AND looking pleased to be there!

                                  The charred udon noodles were fantastic. The charring added a carmelized note, there was some kick to the soy-based sauce, and the greens were perfectly wilted while maintaining some crunch. Family style was more like a wrestling match with chopsticks over this plate.

                                  The clams in black beans -- not my pick -- were smoky & chewey (just right, not rubber-band chewy) and the clams were fresh . . . my main requirement in seafood. I'm not a big fan of clams in the shell, but these were nice. Black bean sauce has so many bad variants -- too hot, too sticky are my usual complaints -- and this was was again, fresh, and neither pasty or burning hot.

                                  The pork belly buns were fantastic. The cucumber was the perfect sweet crunchiness next to the warm, soft deliciousness of the belly. My husband's grown leary of my interest in unusual meats after too many tongues, cheeks & ears showing up on his plate, and had to be convinced to try it, and he loved it. The roll is sweet & soft, fragrant with something I can't identify, and it was an airy complement to to the savory innards.

                                  The tea smoked ribs were lovely, and not grilled to death, as so many ribs are. The meat was tender and the smoking was well done. I'm not a huge ribs fan, but these were tasty and very nicely prepared & plated.

                                  The mushroom/greens potstickers, well, I could eat them every day. They tasted like they'd been made just moments before we ate them. Perfectly browned on the bottom, chewy on the top, bursting with flavor. Yum.

                                  I read through the rest of the posts here. I was relieved at the portion size at M+C, because I hate dragging home leftovers from every meal. I like paying a thoughtful chef to prepare what for me is an edible portion size, with great ingredients. I try to avoid factory-farmed meat, and that's much more likely to be possible at M+C than in Chinatown, because it's a different business model. I like the convenience -- I'm the South End often, whereaas I only go to Chinatown for food. We spent $60, and plan to do so again, many times.

                                  1. I went with my bf on sunday around 1pm. We were hoping that it wasn't going to be super packed, but when we walked in, there were only 2 other tables there but by the time we were leaving, 80% of the tables were filled. we ordered our food at the counter, seated ourselves, and paid after we ate.

                                    My bf ordered the tea smoked pork over rice ($12), which was VERY soft and tender but way too sweet. we usually love things on the sweeter end but this was too sweet for us. There was also brown sugar generously sprinkled all over the pork. My bf wondered if the flavor would be good without the brown sugar?

                                    I ordered the binh mi (vietnamese sandwich) ($6); it came with a side of chinese shrimp crackers and chinese style cole slaw. the sandwich had a thin slice of meat - it wasn't meaty enough for me. It was for sure not enough for me but there was nothing else on the [very short] menu that i wanted to try.

                                    I wanted to try the pan seared dumplings, scallion pankcake, and oyster omlette that i saw in boston magazine but they weren't on the lunch menu, maybe its on the dinner menu? Those dishes are not particularly dinner dishes in Taiwan so I kind of wondered why it wasn't on the lunch menu...?

                                    I love flour and i admire joanne chang, so i wanted to love this place. I wasn't too sure what to expect before coming in; I wasn't sure if it was going to be a mostly authentic asian food place with a trendy twist or mostly trendy, not so authentic food that tasted good. My conclusion is that its a modern twist to traditional Asian food but: 1. it doenst taste good enough and 2. the menu was too little -- for me to want to go back again.

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                                      I would reccomend going back to dinner (I have never been there for lunch) - the menu is more than enough. I've had tried a variety of apps and main dishes including the dumplings, the pork belly buns and the scallion pancakes. I really love this place - it has some of my favorite traditional chinese food dishes (ones that remind me of my grandma's recipes) always with an interesting modern take.

                                      1. re: pink dress

                                        i guess id rather go to a more authentic taiwanese place for much cheaper. (and also i can make the pork belly buns & scallion pancakes at home so im looking for something more you know?) i would appreciate a modern twist to traditional taiwanese food but i guess i didnt see the twist that much and it didnt taste good enough.

                                        1. re: kweesee

                                          I'd agree with kweesee about avoiding lunch. A group of three of us went last Saturday for lunch, and ordered a bowl of pho, chicken banh mi (chef's special), tofu banh mi, spring rolls, and tiger's tears salad, along with some green tea, one of their house sodas, and the moinette beer (very good). As other posts have noted, the tiger's tears is very good, and the quality of the beef is impressive; I thought it wasn't quite spicy enough, though, and the vegetables couldn't quite stand up to the beef. The banh mi were a big disappointment, both because they were so small and they lacked the complex flavors of an authentic vietnamese banh mi: the bread wasn't crusty, the tofu tasted like a flavorless slab, the pickled vegetables were scarce and barely had any zing, and the whole combination was just underwhelming. At $6 each, about double the price of a larger and better-tasting banh mi at a number of Vietnamese shops around town, it was unjustifiable. The pho was also not very pho-like, with a broth that was a bit oily and lacked that long-simmered depth of real pho. The spring rolls were fine, but average. And for that, we paid over $60 total for lunch for 3 -- too much for sub-standard food that left us hungry and unsatisfied. I know M+C is not a Chinatown joint, but (again, as others have said above) if they're going to charge that much for vietnamese food, they should make it right. (not surprisingly, nobody who looked like they might be of chinese or southeast asian descent was eating in the nearly-full restaurant -- this is often a damning sign for any restaurant specializing in non-western cuisine!)

                                          Finally, my last complaint is about the lack of table service at lunch. It's just kind of odd and doesn't feel right -- the 'waiter' brought us water, brought us menus, brought us our drinks, and then we walked up to the cash register to order and pay, and then the waiter brought us our food. If that's not 90% of the way to table service, I don't know what is. Since they also don't clearly explain from the get-go what customers are supposed to do themselves (order and pay), and what the wait staff will do (everything else), the whole situation was a bit awkward. I don't mind places without table service, but at least most such places are clear that they don't offer it. I think they may as well just offer lunchtime table service and let their waitstaff make a few extra bucks in tips.

                                          But, given my experience there, I wouldn't go back, and wouldn't recommend it to friends. What a shame, because the space is great.

                                          1. re: smooncakes

                                            I am pretty disappointed in my experience this morning. Called for a res for Saturday night (somewhat last-minute, I know); but, we have friends in from out of town, and I wanted to take them to someplace fun - and I have not tried M+C yet so I thought, "perfect!" The hostess was very polite when asking me to hold after I submitted my request, but then appeared back on the line to advise me that there was absolutely nothing available. So I pleaded a bit - only because of the O-O-T guests and really wanting to make a splash for them. When she told me that the dining room was only half full but that they reserve that for walk-ins, I pleaded again (nicely), and she flatly refused. So I was disappointed to say the least. I wish she had not told me the dining room was only half full. It is somewhat of a rejecting feeling to be told you cannot make a reservation in a half-full dining room. Given some of the more negative comments lately and this rebuff, it is unlikely I will try M+C. We are going instead to Rocca, where I had a great experience on the phone and where I have had many delicious meals.

                                            1. re: Small Plates

                                              I'd suggest walking into M+C to check for availability before going over to Rocca. If you're talking about bad reviews, Rocca has been slammed quite a bit in these parts...

                                              Also, give them a call that afternoon to see if anyone's cancelled a reservation... you never know.

                                              1. re: heWho

                                                Calling is a great idea. If I was not already booked into Rocca, I would have tried that idea; thanks!!! RE: Rocca, however, we eat there regularly, and I still really like it. It is usually (and in this case, proved so) a good go-to place. I like the service and the food. Simple food - great ingredients. Nice bar. Comfortable atmosphere. It works for me. AND they wanted my reservation!

                                              2. re: Small Plates

                                                I appreciate that M+C keeps 1/2 the dining room no-res. It allows me to drop by w/o advance planning, and I definitely go there more frequently than I would if calling ahead were required.

                                                1. re: SpicyTea

                                                  The point is they should not have told me that and refused a reservation. Poor form.

                                                  1. re: Small Plates

                                                    I'm not sure, but it seems you're missing the point that, as far as reservation-allowable tables were concerned, they WERE full. Did she not make clear you could try the walk-in side?

                                                    1. re: Alcachofa

                                                      No, as a matter of fact; she did not.

                                                2. re: Small Plates

                                                  Personally, I think that's wonderful on M+C's part, and makes me much more interested in going there. Some of the "hot" restaurants in the South End reserve their entire dining rooms, so walking in is not an option. What that does is alienate the locals who might want to stop in without days of planning.

                                                  Over time, it's the locals that will support the restaurant. Sounds like a very neighborly policy for M+C.

                                                  Pops does something similar - the kitchen bar is reserved for walk-ins.

                                                3. re: smooncakes

                                                  the space is confused. trying to be chinesey/trendy but a weird blend
                                                  the food is confused as well - not authentic, but not a delicious western twist to it.

                                                  1. re: kweesee

                                                    I love the use of the word "Chinesey" in this reply. The fact that "Chinesey" is slash "trendy" is genius.

                                          2. Can somebody tell me how to get there on the T? It doesn't appear to be near any bus stop or T station. Any suggestions for getting there from Harvard Square?

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                                            1. re: Pia

                                              Redline to the Orange Line, get off at New England Medical Center get on a Silver Line BUS heading towards Dudley. Berkeley Street stop lets you off right in front of M + C.

                                              1. re: Pia

                                                The Silver Line bus meets the Red Line at Downtown Crossing. Take it to East Berkeley St.

                                                Alternately, take the Red Line to Broadway and get on the #9 bus to Washington St.

                                                It's also only about four (longish) blocks from Broadway, but not the most pleasant of walks. Head over the Broadway Bridge, under the elevated expressway, and walk down Herald St. to Washington St. (where it ends), then turn left and walk to the next corner. M+C is across the street.

                                                1. re: Pia

                                                  In fact, the Silver Line stop at East Berkeley Street (outbound to Dudley Square from Temple Place) is directly in front of the restaurant. If you're an Orange Line fan, you would walk from NE Medical Center in about ten minutes.

                                                2. I just wanted to give a brief thumbs-up on Meyers+Chang. Went there w/my girlfriend on Chinese New Years Day, and was suprised that we really enjoyed it. We were curious to try their version of tiger tears, but had somewhat low expectations. Not to be a snob about it, but generally for Chinese food we go to Chinese restaurants, Cambodian restaurants for Cambodian food, etc.

                                                  However it was fun! We got a seat within a couple minutes of coming in, seated at the bar by the kitchen. One thing that certainly influenced my take on the night was Joanne Chang; she was right there and a very pleasant, friendly presence. She came over a couple times to chat with us. So take my tainted opinion for what it is worth..I would go there again, but more likely if friends from out of town visited than on the spur of the moment..parking is too much of a headache, and no subway stops really close by.

                                                  1. "no subway stops really close by" The Silver Line stop is just outside.

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                                                    1. re: bostonphotobilll

                                                      It is true the Silver Line is right there. But, for any out-of-towners, it is a bus line, not a subway.

                                                    2. I've now had lunch, dinner, and take-out at Myers and Chang and have been really happy with all of my meals there.
                                                      Lunch - I thought it was going to be counter service based on posts here but the waitress told me they switched to table service, mostly because of how confusing the counter service was for customers and for them. I had the thai chicken salad and my DC had the hot and sour soup and tea-smoked ribs rice bowl. The thai chicken came in a huge bowl and was on top of a bed of greens and I couldn't stop eating it. It was so fresh and flavorful and spicy. I am definitely getting this again next time. The hot and sour soup was really nice - it wasn't thick and full of cornstarch as I'm used to seeing in Chinatown. It was really fresh as well and full of bright hot and sour notes. The ribs were smokey and tender and on top of some stir-fried greens and a bowl of rice. Very tasty. Service was quick and I love the space (as has been mentioned in here before) - it is really pretty and fun and looks totally different during the day than at night. It's a great place to meet a friend for lunch or have a business meeting (as I saw others doing) or just grab a quick bite.

                                                      Dinner - I've had several terrific meals here for dinner. The service is sometimes a little discombobulated but I've always had friendly waiters. As a former vegetarian I appreciate their vegetarian menu. The highlights of my meals have been: the dan dan noodles, the tofu and broccoli chow fun, the crispy whole fish, the striped bass clay pot and the whole prawns. The dan dan was spicy and topped with cucumbers and celery and really delicious. The tofu chow fun was literally brimming over the bowl and was full of gingery chinese broccoli, lots of charred noodles and big chunks of soft tofu. I wanted to eat the whole bowl but it was too much for one sitting so I took it home and had the rest for lunch the next day. The whole fish (we went last weekend and it looked like it was a chinese new year special?) was incredible - topped with kumquats and a soy-based sauce and so fresh. The striped bass (I keep using this word but it really applies to everything I've had here) was really fresh too and in a miso broth with rice and vegetables. Perfect for a cold stormy evening. And the whole prawns - I don't usually think to eat the whole shrimp but our waiter told us it was like a soft shell crab so we dug in ...and were well rewarded - the shrimp were juicy and tasty and covered in a piquant sauce with lime and salt and pepper and so, well, fresh.

                                                      Take-out: I got salmon and brussel sprouts. The salmon was perfectly cooked and had a sweet soy ginger glaze. It was on top of rice with a little garnish of cucumbers and cilantro pickle which went really well with the richness of the fish. The brussel sprouts were stir fried with garlic -very simple and flavorful. There was also a container of pickles and an extra container of rice packed along with my order. A nice touch!

                                                      A great neighborhood place that I can see myself (well I've already been doing it) coming back to time and time again. I agree with an above poster about the reservations - I love that I can come in without a reservation, especially since I don't always plan my meals far enough in advance to make a reservation. I've seen a lot of my neighbors there so it seems to be a good approach. I'm not a bar person and I love that I can come here and have a wonderful meal in a fun atmosphere in a cool looking place.

                                                      1. We went on a wed. night a few weeks ago with some friends. Overall it was good and pretty reasonably priced (~ $150 + tip for 4). The only thing we didn't like was the chicken udon noodles.... way too salty. The dumplings were good and the pork belly buns were excellent. They had sold out of the ribs :( Would go back and try it again...