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Sep 20, 2007 08:28 AM

Private Dining at Eleven Madison Park?

Has anyone ever held an event here? How much does it run per person? I am looking for a rehearsal dinner site, and have always heard great things about EMP. Any info is greatly appreciated, as are other suggestions!

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  1. It would be helpful if you would provide your per person budget for food. (Drinks are usually calculated separately depending on whether or not you have an open bar.)

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      I guess I would say $60-70 a person? I have to talk to my future MIL to really know. What is reasonable these days??

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        It depends entirely on your bank account. What might be "reasonable" to one person could be out of the question for someone else. If $70pp for food is what you can afford, then you need to find a venue that can meet that budget. In addition to the cost of beverages, there will be tax and gratuities. Thus, with $70 as a base, it will probably end up being about $125pp. And, btw, some restaurants charge a rental fee for the private room.

        Re: Eleven Madison. $70pp would not be anywhere near sufficient since the basic 3-course dinner prix-fixe is $82, and it will cost much more to do a function in their private rooms.

        How many guests are you inviting? And what cuisines would you be willing to consider?

    2. The minimum is $2500 per event, about. This is the standard price at most nice places with private rooms in Manhattan. The food is about $100-$150 per person plus booze plus tax, gratuity. I looked into many places for a recent dinner: including 11 madison park, gramercy, blue hill, and Cru. I went with Cru because the service was the best and it was all about making our event special and wonderful, not about the cost while the other places felt more like it was a 'business', Cru made it personal. (Although, Cru was no cheaper than anywhere else.)

      1. Oh interesting. I need to talk to my future MIL about budget.

        Unfortunately, we have a rather large rehearsal dinner, probably about 60-70. I don't even know that EMP could handle that many without a buyout. I think we are just trying to get an idea of places that would be good. Cuisines should be on the safe side as we've got some picky eaters. Italian, American, Contemporary, etc. Nothing too ethnic (although I would love to...)

        We've looked into Otto so far, which seems great except for the noise factor.

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          There are two private rooms upstairs, and they can be combined. So, I don't think you would need a buyout at EMP for 60-70 people. (I recall reading a post on this board that someone did a buyout of the main restaurant for 150 people.)

          How about Keens? Excellent food and safe for even the pickiest eaters. Plus, there's the unmatchable old NY ambiance, and their private rooms are gorgeous! The Lambs Room can accommodate up to 100. You can see a photo here: