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Sep 20, 2007 08:25 AM

Santa Barbara Wine Cask: new owner

Sept '07: New owner at the Wine Cask in El Paseo and first act was to cut down the historic eucalyptus tree and take out the fountain in the courtyard. No word yet on menu and chef changes. Will keep you informed, but just a notice to let you know their may be changes of past recommendations - good or bad. Locals are pretty mad about losing the tree. It was under protected Historic Landmark status with the city and the owner knew this before he chopped it down according to local paper story. Not a good start.

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  1. Wow! Very interesting; when did this happen? So are the brothers Margerum on to the vintner scene, now, or just idly comfy? Didn't Doug Margerum's wife run the catering arm? I am surprised to hear that the eucalyptus tree was chopped down, especially in a city with an entity like the Citizens Planning Association in operation and such a showcasing of historic structures.

    We left in "97, and I guess my husband was right; Santa Barbara has become the best part of L.A.

    1. Eeek! Any jerk who cuts downa tree, let alone a historic one makes me worried.

      This bodes poorly.

      1. You're kidding! I remember my aunt's reception and dancing in the wine cask courtyard as a little kid. That sucks.