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Sep 20, 2007 07:46 AM

Upscale with great vegetarian options

I am taking a client who's in Toronto from NYC for lunch downtown and found out that she is vegetarian (not sure if she eats fish, dairy etc). Any great suggestions with menu options other than a vegetarian pasta? Needs to be upscale and cost is not an issue.

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  1. Jamie Kennedy's Wine Bar is fantastic with many different veggie options. It's more of a tapas experience. Local and organic produce is usually used.

    1. I think any fine restaurant will accommodate a vegetarian with flair. Call your top choice or two and ask them. In my experience, a vegetarian at a fine restaurant experiences some very special attention from the kitchen, and their meal is quite often fabulous.

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        They might accomodate, but often with the aforementioned vegetarian pasta. I went to Canoe a couple times when I was a full vegetarian years ago and it was not a fun eating experience. If you eat fish, it's a lot easier. Of course if you are an omnivore, the options are limitless ;-)

        Jump has a regular vegetarian plate on their menu that is quite good. Grilled veg, corn and goat cheese soufflé, etc.

        Fressen is upscale and vegetarian:

        p.s. anyone heard anything about the "Urban Herbivore" that is advertised on Fressen's main website?

        I agree that JK Wine Bar is a good option.

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          Thanks Pescatarian for your great suggestions. I also saw "Urban Herbivore" on Fressen's website and also noted that Fressen is not open for lunch. I really wanted to go to Lee but it also is closed now for lunch.

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            Urban Herbivore wouldn't meet your needs - it's a veggie take out spot in Kensington market.

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            I have to disagree re: Canoe not being a good option for vegetarians. I'm veggie (and eat dairy, eggs) and Canoe has repeatedly given me some of the best dining experiences in this city. Creative mains, wonderful sides, always something that covers my protein needs. (And desserts? Ah, joy!) Plus some of the best service in town. I'd certainly recommend Canoe for high-end vegetarians.

            Also had an amazing vegetarian multi-course meal at Terrace on the Fifth, but that was when Thuet was there. Don't know how The Fifth is now.

            Splendido is meant to be great for veggies, but I haven't made it there yet to try it.

        2. I also really like Live Food Bar, but upscale it isn't.
          The food is amazing though. What they can do with (mostly) raw vegan cuisine always surprises me. I was a little skeptical to try them but their nut cheeses won me over.

          1. I just rode by a place on Dundas just west of Bathurst, on the corner directly south of Cali Sandwiches, didn't catch the name, but looked nice and was new with a seemingly modern decor and said fine vegitarian dining under the name...anyone know the spot?

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              Is this Cafe 668, newly moved into this spot? It is slightly more expensive than when it was still in its old location.

            2. i remember reading on here that a JK accommodated a full vegan meal with an advanced notice. not only did they accommodate, i recall the poster had nothing but praise for the delicious vegan cuisine

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                I believe a similar post was made about Lee Toh Heen.

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                  Here's the link to the rave vegan JKWB review -

                  Jamie Kennedy
                  9 Church St, Toronto, ON M5E1M2, CA