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Sep 20, 2007 07:17 AM

Great seattle wine lists?

I'll be there for three days, and was planning on going to Tango, probably Matt's for lunch, Union, and Nishino. But I was looking at the wine list at Wild Ginger and am strongly considering changing it for either Tango or Nishino.
are there any other great wine places I should consider? By great I'm looking for good prices (100-200ish, not cult or 1st growths), and even knowing where I'm going, I don't like pinot (even DCR). I do like Rhone (esp northern), Bordeaux, Piedmont, and US syrah and Cab.

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  1. i would drop Tango, personally (if you want tapas, try Harvest Vine instead)

    1. There are several Canlis haters on this board, but its wine cellar is the only one in the state to have Wine Spectator's highest award. They have literally hundreds of selections in the price range/varietals you mention. I particularly enjoyed a '99 Crozes-Hermitage they had, a creative match to our meal by the sommelier, who was very knowledgable. I think the food is great too, but like I said, there are those that disparage it, but IMO, it is really the dated west coast WASP atmosphere and formality of the place (only formal by seattle's very lax standards) that they hate. It's alot of $ too.

      1. Il Terrazzo Carmine has a truly exceptional wine list.

        1. Modest little 94 Stewart Street recently received national recognition for their wine list. Both the wine and the restaurant are very affordable.

          1. I was about to say Wild Ginger when I saw the title of this thread. and yes, Canlis, definitely a great list. and also we found the list at Lampreia to be really excellent for their menu...