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Sep 20, 2007 07:08 AM

Columbia, Sc - dinner by myself?

Will be staying downtown on a weekday (Thurs) nite and looking for dinner suggestions where I can eat by myself and not feel too awkward.....moderately priced, I like ethnic a lot, not into fried food and prefer no chains.

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  1. Miyo's on South Main (a block behind the State House) is good for Asian; I had a nice dinner alone last week at Garibaldi's on Greene St. in Five Points (great fish).
    If you like jazz and don't mind a little smoke, sit at the bar at Hunter-Gatherer. The restaurant/microbrewery usually has some good dinner selections and it's located just down the block from Miyo's.

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      I second Miyo's. I haven't been to the one on S. Main, but if it's similar to the one on Harbison, you will have a nice, relaxing, private meal. Great choices of sushi rolls.

    2. the vineyard near the downtyown marriott, have eaten there many times solo...

      1. I used to eat alone a lot at Motor Supply Co. Sat at the bar.

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          same here. bartenders are friendly and the food is very good.

        2. I agree with Hampton Street Vineyard and Motor Supply. Both have a nice ambiance at the bar for lone diners. BUT - I think Motor Supply still allows smoking at the bar. Hampton Street Vineyard does not. I've had some lucky times at Hampton Street when someone comes in and is generous with the expensive wines they order. Heck I've even stopped in for a drink and ended up being treated to dinner at the bar and more than once! People come in and share nice wines with the folks at the bar. Maybe I'm just lucky.

          1. Leah, consider this - At the corner of Main and Hampton St. is the Columbia Museum of Art. This Thursday there's is an outdoor plaza party at 7 PM $15 for non-members or $12 for members (if you have a reciprocal membership somewhere else) and it features the Carolina Chocolate Drops, a string band with banjo and fiddle and something else. The food is from El Burrito which I really like and coffee and desserts from, Universal Unitarian Coffehouse. This place is literally 1 door down from Hampton Street Vineyard. Have a drink at the bar, go eat mexican food. Try this link. If it doesnt' work, go to and work your way to the 27th. I am deffinately on this event and think I can drag husband too as he loves El Burrito food. If you want company, I'll be happy to meet you there.


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              sweet pea - thanks so much for your input - it was actually last Thursday and I was starving by the time I hit the outskirts of town so I just stopped at Carraba's and had a wonderful plate of mussels.

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                Oh...oops. Didn't quite pick up on the date. My how time flies!