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Sep 20, 2007 06:58 AM

Fuloon Redux

16 or so of us hit Fuloon last night and did some respectable damage:

Pork pancake: never had this before myself. Like scallion pancake but better with a generous helping of sort of flavorfull pulled pork inside. Texture was perfect too .Yum.

Wonton with special hot sauce (known as Suan la chow shou elsewhere) very good rendition of this classic dish. Different then I have had elsewhere. I would order again for sure.

Scallion pancake: excellent rendition, nuf said.

Cold chicken salad (don't know if I have the right name here) very nice subtle finely shredded chicken with a mild chili oil dressing. Tasty.

Roasted Duck with Special Brown sauce. Decent essentially Peking style duck, solo, no pancakes, etc. Better can be had elsewhere, but this was good.

Jellyfish salad: fairly heavy dressing on this a bit overpowering. This was a softer preparation of this dish, I like it crunchy. Don't think I'd order this again.

Peking meat sauce noodles: best rendition of this I have ever had. Layers of flavor and complexity in the slightly fermented bean sauce.

Mandarin wole fish: really superb preparation. Whole artfully deep fried fish. Notably excellent.

Whole fish with Chili pepper (or was this Szechuan fish) not that spicy, so so preparation. Probably would not get it again.

Hot diced chicken. Truly awesome. Dry woked. reminiscent of the prep at Mulan with basil but then smothered in chilis and Szechuan pepper corns. One of my favorites of the night. I would go back just to eat this again.

Wok baked pork. Whole slow-braised pork shoulder. Very nice version of this with a subtle 5 spice flavor. Yum.

Steamed beef. Serious Szechuan dish. Lightly braised beef slices smothered in the classic oily Szechuan sauce of chilis and Szechuan peppercorns. Reminded me of the whole fish with tofu at Szechuan Village in Brookline. Great. I'd have it again.

Sizzling tofu I did not get a chance to try.

Sweet and sour shrimp: decent version of this, I did not find it notable.

Watercress with garlic (I actually think it was water convolvulus or water spinach) did not try it either. It was more well done then I like, so I did not even try it.

String beans with Szechuan pickles was amazing. So much so that we ordered another. The balance of the subtle tang of the pickle was a perfect foil for the fresh crunch of the beans. This and the hot diced chicken together would make a perfect meal.

Don't get to Malden center that often. I'd be thrilled to have this place a tad closer to home. All in all an excellent meal a bit off the beaten track. Certainly one of the better Chinese places in the Boston area.

Limster was also itching to try some of the banquet dishes listed on the menu, but they need to be ordered in advance. Next time.

Big thanks to Vincent for organizing.

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  1. great thanks to all the hounds who came out last night--it was a memorable evening, made all the more so by my lunch of leftover steamed beef...

    my favorites were the wok baked pork (which i believe was *in addition to* the braised pork shoulder--also a keeper), the steamed beef (good level of spiciness, oiliness, very tender meat), the string beans, and i really liked the jellyfish.

    the hot diced chicken was serious business, though the flowery notes of the peppercorns were clearly present and delectable.

    out of the fish, i only was able to try the fried version (mandarin whole fish), which i thought quite good for what it was, but i generally prefer steamed preparations as i think they are more delicate.

    i too would be interested in trying their banquet dishes.

    service was extremely friendly, and the bill came out to just over $16 p.p. including tip. i left very full and very happy. (i knew i was in good hands when someone yelled out, "god bless pork!" when they brought out the braised pork shoulder.) thanks hounds!

    1. Wow - you *said* you could do it without taking notes, but I'm seriously impressed!

      Thanks indeed to Vincent for organizing. It was a really fun meal, and I had a great time meeting a number of regular Boston board posters. It was too big a crowd to really get to chat much, but it was a fun first Chowhound outing for me. (Unfortunately, BarmyFotheringayPhipps has a work deadline looming and couldn't give up the time.) And amusingly enough, one of the people there turned out to be a woman I'd known as a co-worker and building neighbor nearly 30 years ago, and haven't seen in years!

      I had a little bit of everything except for the steamed beef - I admit I was a bit frightened of it, since oily extreme chili heat is outside my comfort zone. I did, however, really enjoy the hot diced chicken.

      The wonton with special hot sauce was excellent, though not actually as spicy as I'd anticipated. I took BFP to Mary Chung's for dinner recently - haven't been there in many many years, so long that this was actually my first time there in the "new" location! - and was sorely disappointed in their rendition, which was unpalatably hot with no other discernable flavor. (I was pretty seriously disappointed by that entire meal, but that's another story.)

      I agree that the greens - I think the waitress said it was water spinach - were a bit more done than I would have expected, but the stems were still nice and crunchy and the simple garlic sauce was yummy. (Speaking of garlic, we were disappointed that the garlic smoked chicken was unavailable.)

      I thought that the wok-baked pork and the braised pork shoulder were two different dishes, but maybe I'm mis-remembering. In any case, yes, delicious!

      We ordered another batch of the green beans not least because the first plateful didn't actually make it all the way around the table - I saw the last of them being consumed and demanded more so I could try them! Glad I did.

      Again - thanks to Vincent, thanks to all the Chowhounds who welcomed a newcomer, and BIG thanks to the friendly and gracious folks at Fuloon who made us so welcome and fed us so well!

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      1. re: Allstonian

        I enjoyed both the wok baked pork and the pork shoulder, but I think the wok baked beef (which I've had before) is better than the pork. The wok baked pork was fairly sweet- it almost had a "marshmallow" overtone.

        Allstonian, funny that you were afraid of the beef- I was afraid of the chicken and that's the only thing I passed on, oh, and the shrimp, as I'm not a fan of green peppers. I'm glad the peking meat sauce noodles were well received, as that was my first dish there and still remains a favorite.

        The mandarin fish had a bit of that "muddy" taste I often associate with freshwater fish- the Szechuan fish looked like it would be very spicy but wasn't, and I think I enjoyed that more.

        Thanks to everyone for turning out and ordering such a great variety of dishes. Hubby and I are looking forward to revisiting many of those dishes, especially those string beans. It was great to put some faces to some names.

        And I'll add the link so this thread gets tied in to the Place page :-)

        375 Main St, Malden, MA 02148

      2. Yes, the wok-baked pork was the sliced pork in the frying pan. The wontons were terrific--they didn't remind me at all of Mary Chung's Suan la chow shou (which I haven't had in ages. More like Chilli Garden's version (which I also really like) but more complex sauce and different (slightly thicker) skins. I liked the Szechuan fish, even though it wasn't all that spicy. Allstonian, if you could take the chicken you could have handled the steamed beef.

        All in all, well worth it. I wonder if they'd do the garlic smoked chicken on a pre-order. I have no idea what it is but it called to me.

        Closed with rice balls in soup--hope somebody can describe them better than me. They were good. I do believe they were on the house. The staff were great.

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        1. re: Aromatherapy

          Forgot about the amazing dessert of glutinous rice balls filled with sweetened black sesame paste. That was amazing in a sauce of fermenty rice liquid. Actually one of my favorite Chinese desserts I have ever eaten, how could I have forgotten.

          1. re: StriperGuy

            These had Dr. Jimbob jumping up & down on Saturday night. My first time & I really liked them, although wish the rice wine medium was stronger.

            1. re: Taralli

              I share Dr. Jimbob's enthusiasm for these gems, but agree with Taralli re: the soup/medium/what-have-you.

              The bean paste filled rice balls will often come in a medium that is strong enough to sip. Our rendition on Saturday (and I'd assume last night's as well) was very mild and not interesting enough to care about drinking.

              I am gratified to see that Fuloon appears to be very consistent. It's getting easier and easier to recommend!

              1. re: Taralli

                For me, au contraire. The delicate subtle fermentyness of the sauce/juice was every bit as tasty to slurp after the fact as the wonderful dumplings themselves.

          2. The cold chicken salad dish was bang bang chicken - it had a hint of Sichaun peppercorn, and was a nice way to start things off. The sauce for the wontons had a bit of that as well, with more vinegar and hot oil.

            There was something extra savory about the scallion pancakes, and - amazingly - I actually liked it better than the pork pancakes.

            The other two pork dishes were each really tender and delicious. The flavors were more delicate, but held their own against the other stuff.

            Even if Sichuan dishes aren't the chef's specialty, they were still my favorites. I thought the dry wok chicken was great. The beef was good too - it was surprisingly mild, and you really needed the broth to get all the flavor.

            Misses: I could have done without either fish dish. Not a fan of jellyfish, and I agree it was overdressed. I liked the sauce, but thought the noodles were a little overdone and mushy (but maybe I always think that).

            I can't tell if the roasted duck was totally uninteresting, or just overwhelmed by the more aggressive offerings. I would have preferred to try the jiang pao duck, which I understand to be somewhat more like a Peking duck.

            1. Big thanks to Vincent for organizing. A great time was had by all. Abigail von Duesen and I especially liked both the pancakes, the Bang Bang Chicken, Hot Diced Chicken, the Braised Pork, and the Steamed Beef (although unlike a lot of others there, we felt it could have been hotter/spicier. Still delicious though). Also loved the String Beans with Szechuan Pickles. Yummy. I thought the jellyfish was good but not great, but Abigail von Duesen loved it.

              We also enjoyed both Whole Fishes, with the surprise being that I preferred the Mandarin preparation over the spcier Szechuan version. The Wontons in Hot Sauce were pretty great as well. As were the Peking Meat Sauce Noodles.

              (Jeez, what DIDN'T I like?)

              The rice ball dessert was graciously comped by the owner, and it was wonderful. A sweet-glutoneous-textural surprise.

              Again, overall a fab meal.